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Doing it again!

FFtoomanytabsYes, as soon as this post is done. I’ll be doing it all again.

It’s as close to Christmas cheer as I’ll get.

Last night I had to reset FireFox. It got too sluggish. I hate doing it because all my plugins disappear and I have to hunt them and reload them to get rid of the ads and all the trackers. It’s a hassle.

I have been reading about ‘Panic Saturday’, the last Saturday shopping before Christmas. It happened here in Brazil too. Stupid, stupid people. Hundreds of thousands of people out buying Christmas presents. Wild horses couldn’t drag me into town to do this.

Yesterday, I went to town, just the perifery, and it was insane. You couldn’t navigate the footpath for illegal stalls selling all sorts of crap. I eventually got to the butchers, got my stuff and got a taxi the hell out of there as fast as I could.

Silly Box: Raul Castro, Putin and China’s Xi, all qualify collectively for the silly box today. Castro becauses he’s pushing a weel recognised idealogical failure, communism; Putin because he’s a megalomaniac arsehole and driving Russia to the brink with his stupid ideas and Xi because he’s flying the ‘one China’ idea at the expense of the well being of his country ignoring the fact that the Islands of Macau and Hong Kong don’t want anything to do with one freakin’ China.

Right now my mind is dealing with important matters like, what do I put on the grill first. Pork ribs is the answer.

I should put my pants on (just finished Nap-fu practice) and mosey along to the botequim.

I may have photos to post later.

So, later.

I am Ho ho hoing

HohohoingGiven the man-boobs, I have been a busy boy today.

My day has thus far been:

6am up and coffee

8:30am wander off to class

9am – 10:30am being a teacher

10:32am on the bus to town

10:40am at the butcher’s

10:50am taxi home with goodies.

11:15am light the BBQ

until 4pm everything became a blur and desperately needed Nap-fu practice

The table at the botequim

The table at the botequim, pork, liver, beer & whisky


6:30pm Chilled chocolate drink.

6:40pm… they want to do it again.

6:41pm… ran for home.

I’m not ready to do it again.

Although there are plenty of makings, I will do it again tomorrow.

Right now, I am knackered.

Talk about a foggy mental breakdown.

The funniest comment of the day was when I put a large piece of black pudding (can be seen on the right in the first image) on the BBQ… “OMG, you’ve killed seu Oliveira!” Mr Oliveira, is a popular sprightly 80’s+ man of Afro-Brazilian origin from our neighbourhood, well known by all.


Commencing countdown

…engines on
Check ignition
and may God’s love be with you

Remember those lyrics?

Actually, this post has nothing to do with David Bowie or Major Tom, but rather the coundown to Christmas.

Yes, it’s less than a week to Christmas.

And I’m not at all excited, rather amazed that the year has gone so fast.

Wondering what the new year will bring. Will I stay, or will I go? The future is so uncertain right now.

Tomorrow is BBQ. The lads at the botequim have a BBQ planned. I have meat out of the freezer, I will get more tomorrow after class. Brazilians have no imagination when it comes to BBQ. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they make a great BBQ, but it is always beef, pork, chicken and sausages. I will add pork ribs, liver, pork belly scratchings, chicken hearts and black pudding. If I can find a frozen slab of salmon, I’ll do that in tin foil with capers, lemon juice, cracked peppercorns and olive oil. Of course I will do garlic bread as well.

And basically, that will be Christmas.

Just a couple of passion fruit flowers out today, still no sign of fruit.

I wish to make mention of dedication. A blog that I follow; All Downhill from Here posted a bulletin yesterday. Andrew, was just letting us know that he was out of heart surgery and doing well. The bulletin was posted four hours after surgery. Way to go Andrew! Andrew’s blog is about photography, mainly birds and nature stuff, but his photos are superb.

We’re due for a weather change today. Earlier during my lunchtime beer it was hot, now after Nap-fu practice, it is already clouding over; nothing threatening yet.

Something I didn’t think would happen. FIFA has agreed to release a ‘legally appropriate version’ of the Michael Garcia report, after the author resigned from FIFA in protest at their handling. I guess they knew that if they didn’t, their backs were against the wall with talks of boycotts from many sectors. Boycotts would have meant the end of FIFA.

The Silly Box must surely belong to the American politicians who are threatening to block the thaw in US/Cuba relations. This is really a chance for the US to join the rest of the world, rather than Cuba. Is Obama appeasing the Castro brothers? I don’t think so. To continue the freeze, in my opinion, is now futile, it’s time to move forward.

Here’s a banknote…

Zimbabwe $100 Trillion Dollars

Zimbabwe $100 Trillion Dollars

Now that’s worthy of the silly box, imagine getting change.

That’s what comes of printing your own money… American quantitative easing (QE) was doing just that. Let’s see what happens when all that extra money begins to hit inflation.

Time for afternoon beer.



thursday-8I am in the process of dethursdaying, that is finishing Thursday, or not having a Thursday, or, indeed getting over the effects of a Thursday.

I was up early to get posts organised, because late yesterday my lawyer rang and booked a 10am appointment. So I spent the rest of the day and partially sleepless night repeating “Oh shit” to myself wondering what had possibly gone wrong, could have possibly gone wrong.

All was over nothing, just to tell me that next Tuesday is the day of reckoning, so I have four days to rest and relax. He also wanted to give me the chance to make my next payment on the bill, which I have a sneaky idea was the real reason. Shifty buggers, lawyers.

However, it also gave me the chance to pay the rent. So apart from having four more days reprieve, I have a roof over my head for those four days… no food yet, but I have a roof.

Hot day, strong sun. My response to that was cold beer on arrival.

Home, answered emails, and Nap-fued, from which I have just deNap-fued and am having that quintessential coffee to wake up and spend the rest of the day looking for Friday.

Lunch, is left over pizza, so I won’t starve.

I may yet make a batch of onion rings to take to the botequim for nibbles, so I don’t feel beholden to share my half pizza; it’s such a little pizza.

Once I am at the botequim, I fear that is where I shall continue the process of dethursdaying surrounded by friends and empty bottles. Which is why you’re getting your post early today, because the chances of getting it later are remote.

Passion fruit flowers are out already, for the fifth day in a row. The smell in the front room is already heady. I am watching closely for the first sign of the first fruit.

Silly Box: A Chinese opened the door of a plane taxiing on the runway for take off; he wanted some fresh air. How silly is that?

I have surmised that there is only one way to rid American politics of Repugnicans and Democraps and that is to make American Idol, or the current inanity, a political party with the possibility of Kim Kardashian becoming president. That awful thought came to me as I was replying to a comment from yesterday. The only thing that could possibly be worse, is Miley Cyrus pole dancing her way into the White House.

With taht terrible thought, I shall moe along. Right next door… um, after i have put on my shorts.


But, I’ll leave you with a clip of the new Star Wars movie…


Busy Bee

Yes, the bees have been busy.

A big black bumblebee doing his thing. I finally managed to capture one on film.

I can’t say I did nothing today, because I did the dishes…

I spent the lunch hour at the botequim, actually, that was three hours, because the birthday boy neighbour was having a BBQ.

But apart from that I did nothing.

I read some disturbing news. Jeb Bush is considering the US presidency. Does the world really need another Bush in the White House? I know nothing about JB, but his Bush predecessors didn’t exactly enamour themselves to the American people or the world. The idea just sends shivers up my spine.

The Dali Lama has declared that he may well be the last. There was a successor chosen, but he was rejected by China saying they will choose the next. The whereabouts of the chosen one is unknown. I have a sneaking suspicion that China ‘disappeared’ him.

The Church of England is catching up with the rest of the world by appointing the first female bishop/ess… I wonder when the Catholic church will do the same. Oh, they don’t even have female clergy. That’s awkward.

When one thinks of those small countries around the Persian Gulf, one thinks of oil, sand, conflict, arrested bloggers, and tyrant dictators; one does not normally think about pets. Do desert countries have pets? Apparently they do, I visited an Oman blog yesterday looking for homes for stray cats. Adopt a pet in Oman, if you’re interested. It’s nice to know that there is some good news that comes out of the turmoil in that part of the world.

No Silly Box today, although the Bush story could qualify.

It’s pizza time!



On Saturday I mentioned that the bar had run out of cold beer because of a late beer delivery. I solved the problem by running beer between my freezer and the bar. Well, not all is well that ends well. On Sunday morning I was greeted by this…

An explosion

An explosion in the freezer

…in the door shelf. What a waste of good beer.

My house smells divine in the evenings as the smell of passion fruit flowers pervades each room. The vines hang over the whole side of the house. Here’s the main door.

The front door

The front door

Yes, I have to duck to get in. But it causes no inconvenience when I consider the fruit that will abound.

A sunny day today, not hot, but sunny.

I have just woken from Nap-fu practice to find Light (the power company) up the pole next to my house. In a panic I raced outside in case they were cutting my power. Panic over, it was the neighbour’s power that they cut.

It is nearly lunch time, out of coffee and can’t be bothered making more. I have just taken some salmon out of the freezer and am going to make sushi for lunch. I don’t have much of the makings, but enough to make simple salmon makimonos.

My first afternoon student has just cancelled, so no classes until 6pm.

A do-nothing machine

A machine for doing nothing

Today is as much of a do-nothing day as yesterday. But I did discover one thing. There is a machine that does nothing. Typical even doing nothing has been mechanised.

Can you believe that?

Now try to figure out how this contaption works. I think I have it.

Silly Box: The gunman who held hostages in the Sydney cafe was on bail, but not on the terror watch list. This is a clear demonstration that all this terror protection is a lot of codswallop.

A superbug has been found to be present in the waters of Guanabara Bay where the 2016 Rio Olympics are to be held. This bug (bacteria) is said to be resistant to most antibiotics. The only means of treatment are to resort to rarely used drugs that cause other problems.

Well, I must go and cook the rice…


Here at Last

doing-nothingYes, it’s close on 10pm.

This happens on a do-nothing day. I did nothing.

My passion fruit vines have been sprouting an average of ten flowers a day. Yesterday and today there were bees, unlike the rainy day when the bees decided to stay at home.

*Staring at the screen*

Cool day, cloudy, sunny, cloudy, repeat.

I beered at midday, then had lunch, then I beered again. By that time it was Nap-fu practice, then I coffeed at 5pm. Caught the first news, watched my novela (soap), caught the main news. TV off. Read BBC and The Guardian, and a news blog; one that tells the truth rather than what the govts want you to know.

A male northern white rhinoceros named Angalifu has died at the San Diego Zoo in California, leaving only five of the species in the entire world. – BBCNews

That’s pretty close to being extinct.

The Australian hostage drama has ended.

Denmark has laid claim to the North Pole. I guess next year Santa will be speaking Danish.

Silly Box: Some of the victims of Sandy Hook are suing the gun manufacturer. While not belittling the victims and families and their grief, I don’t see the sense in this. No one sues a car manufacturer for death (in normal circumstances) because they sold a vehicle that the driver didn’t know how to control. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that Americans sue for anything and everything. Litigation is an industry.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismisses EU criticism of recent mass arrests of journalists, urging the EU to “mind its own business”.- BBCNews. Oh, and he wants to become part of the EU, he’s not doing a very good publicity job.

Well, that’s about my lot for the evening.

For a Monday, it hasn’t been too bad.


Chatter, chatter, chatter

Never mind, it will soon be over.

A typical Sunday morning, the laundry lady and banal chatter descend and wreck the normally tranquil setting of what I call home.

I’ll need to make more coffee to overcome the trauma.

Lovely day yesterday, until it started to rain. Lots and lots of rain, it ws a real storm. Only lasted about two hours, then rained normally all night. My passion fruit vines had lots of flowers, ten in fact, but because of the rain there were no bees. But I did get a small video of one in the initial stages of opening.

Not very exciting, hardly an action movie. I would have filmed more, but my arms got tired…

However, here’s a shot of the half open flower next to it.

Half open

Half open

And the next flower…

Fully open

Fully open

Fatal error at the botequim. The beer delivery was a day late and he ran out of cold beer… So the bar wasn’t its usually busy self. I ended up relaying bottles to my freezer, so I had beer. My freezer takes a bout a half hour to chill two bottles, whereas the big coolers in the bar require more than eight hours to chill a fridge full.

The pope has disappointed me. He refused to meet the Dalai Lama because of sensibilities with China. Kow towing to China is only giving the bastards strength. He rally missed a chance to show them that they can’t rule the world.

Silly Box: The Canadian Navy has banned booze from their ships.

Very cool day today, totally overcast. I have posted on all but one blog so the morning has been productive. Once I tune out the banal banter, I can get things done.

The rest of the day is another do-nothing day, at least the beer will be cold.

Oh, the sun is trying to burst through the clouds…


It’s doing the rain

Saturday-funny-quoteAnd, I didn’t even dance.

I was stuck for a title until it started to rain.

It’s a do nothing day. Like all Saturdays now, it’s screwed up. Blogging interrupted by work. Home, beer and Nap-fu practice.

Most exciting thing so far, the cheese mans been, bought cheese.

Need more coffee.

I’m gpoing to make this a quick post, because when we get heavy rain like this, it often puts the net down.

So, I’ll finish here and maybe…



Expensive dirty water

Expensive dirty water

I haven’t quite forgotten you. There’s been this nagging feeling in the back of my mind all day that I should be doing this; and it’s only the fact that it’s too hot to sleep that I’m here at the keyboard.

40ºC (106ºF) The ‘F’ means effin’ hot!

I got most of my posting done early today, except Fizz and here. I had promised myself sushi for lunch, and sushi was what I was going to get; which necessitated a trip to the supermarket for a slab of salmon fillet.

I also saw a bottle of birra (Italian for beer), R$6, so okay, the budget can stretch that far. I was thinking of a couple of ex-pat bloggers in Italy. My view on rhe birra is that it could have well stayed on the shelf. It was a bottle of dirty water, an expensive dirty water.

If that’s a sample of Italian beer, it makes me wonder what the attraction of living in Italy is…

Maybe that explains why Italians drink a lot of wine, because the birra is crap!

It’s close on 11pm, I have tried to sleep. I have had several cold showers and lay on the bed under the full blast of the fan to try and get cool. I’ve just had my second cold shower while writing this. The fan is full on, I have a tankard of iced fizzy water and my bollocks are dripping on the floor. (Don’t try the visual on that it’ll damage your spleen).

My phone beeped once today, my ex pushed the wrong button; which isn’t the first time she’s done that, that’s why she’s the ex…

My iced water has just de-iced itself…

Got more ice.

Whale poo is in the news. Apparently it’s important. Whales swim deep, but they come to the surface to emit whale plumes. This fertilises the water so that krill can grow, then they eat the krill… I resisted the temptaion to add an image here.

Also in the news Native Americans can grow and use pot. That’s nice, especially since they were doing that before the white man came. Did you ever wonder what they smoked in a ‘peace’ pipe, yup, happy baccy. Pity the white mnan didn’t learn something there, maybe GWB wouldn’t have been torturing people from the Middle East.

See what I mean

See what I mean

Read an article yesterday written by a guy who doesn’t like high heels.

Well, I’m another, I hate the bloody things and consider any woman wearing them to be some degree of tart.

Have you ever wondered about the origin of high heels?

Have you ever considered what high heels are designed to do?

Think about it. A foot in high heels is designed to reflect the shape of a woman’s foot during an orgasm… that’s why they were and still are a part of a prostitutes apparel

Oh, and don’t get me started on lipstick… That’s a doozy!

I’m going to try another cold shower and see if I can sleep.



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