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I had a plan…

Yes, I woke with a dire need for coffee and opened the ‘new post’ page with plenty of time to dash off a post before work.

But so many ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ and new places to visit…

I am now left with but 15 minutes.

microwave-beer-01It was so cold here last night. I took hot black bean soup to the bar, then I asked Raimundo to microwave my beer…

It was certainly not shorts and no T-shirt weather, I had track pants and a jacket on.

An exposé on Eastr eggs the other night on TV showed that over 50% of Brazilian Easter eggs were not true to label. 20cm eggs that measured 16cm, under the stated weight. Prices well above the level of inflation.

Easter = GREEDY!

Now, I have to run at a fast hobble.


Bloody Moon

I have waited all my life to see the bloody moon.


Blood Moon

And what happens, we get a cold front and the sky is totally clouded over.

My mouse is driving me nuts. I need a new one, but when I am near a mouse shop, I forget. It’s a wheel problem, I scroll up to see more test and the text goes down, so I scroll down and the text still goes down.

I have done the dishes. I mention this because it is a rare feat.

Lunch is almost ready, see I have been a busy boy. I haven’t posted yet, but that will come in due course. I have made a curry mince, I just have to cook the rice.

I see that two major newspapers have won the Pulitzer Prize. Guess why? The reports on the Nasty Secrets Agency and Snowden’s whistleblowing. Seems like the only person who doesn’t like this is Obama, he’s still miffed about that.

heartbleed31The Nasty Secrets Agency has denied any knowledge of the Heartbreak security leak. I call bullshit!

That load of arseholes couldn’t tell the truth if they wanted to; and when they have tried you can see the bullshit dribbling from the corners of their mouths.

So far, they have lied to the public, they have lied to congress, the have lied to the president… and they expect us to believe them now. What a joke?

You can guarantee they knew about it, you can guarantee they exploited it, and you can guarantee they didn’t want anyone to find it.


Is it a Joke?

Years ago I heard the following joke…

A man on a plane hears the woman next to him sneeze, and he observes that she was sent into violent spasms.

It happened again, the blackpeppersneeze and the violent spasms; and again, causing the man to observe, “That’s a terrible sneeze you have!”

The woman agreed and explained that every time she sneezed she had an orgasm.

To which the man enquired, “Are you taking anything for it?”

“Yes,” replied the woman giggling, “black pepper.”

Now today I read that may not be the joke it’s meant to be.

PGAD, I never heard of it before. But apparently many women suffer Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. I’m not going to even try to explain that, but here’s the Guardian link. There are some things that a man just shouldn’t try to explain.

Raining today, nice and cool, students canceled, another day off.

The most exciting thing I have done today was go to the supermarket, although my nap was pretty cool too.

I got waylaid…

It’s now night, and cold, so I’ll be off to bed shortly, but before I go I’ll press the ‘publish’ button.



All blogs done, this is the last today.

Message timed: 9:30am & four coffees.

Time on my Hands

Time on my Hands

The week before last, I decided to get my hair cut while I was in town and had time on my hands.

I should wash them more often.

“No. 1 comb, all over!” Which is my usual request, “But DON’T touch the moustache!”

It was duly done.

I walked out and the cool morning air felt strange but refreshing around my head, and I went about my business.

Sporting a reasonable growth

I usually get my hair and beard cut about three or four times a year, so I normally sport a reasonable growth.

That photo was taken by Emmylee, my daughter, a couple of  years ago when she was five. I have since lost a lot of the paunch, not all, but a lot.

As a photographer, she did well. There are not many good photos around of me.

She loves the digital camera and when she comes over for a BBQ she takes photos until the battery dies of exhaustion or exasperation, I’ve never figured out which.

But, back to the icthyfication. My beard is itching like I had never grown one before. It’s never done that before.

Yesterday’s post surprised me, 14 Likes. I had expected a good number of Likes in the previous day’s post where I said ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’, but apparently the secret is Dora the Explorer; or was it people’s fascination with my water?

The BBQ mentioned, didn’t happen, and I am still waiting for the guy to come and check my water… But then I have been waiting 10 days which is a pretty Brazilian time frame. One gets used to it.


Empty fridge

The guy who is going to look at my water passed by, said he’ll be back later with his ladder.

So now I am stuck at home waiting once again.

I really need to go to the supermarket, the polar bears in the fridge are complaining there’s nothing to eat.

I told them it was due to global warming…

Actually, I have spinach, a piece of rump steak and some cheese, so I could survive until tomorrow. And, then there is the wine…



There, that’ll do for the day, I’m off to have a whine…. right after my nap.


Pause for a moment

Reflect on this…


Now, isn’t that the truth?

I have survived, biting, scratching, posting on eight blogs and three coffees; and it isn’t even 9am.

Celery - Promotes the flow of your water

Celery – Promotes the flow of your water

My water is all bunged up. Now I don’t usually go talking to all and sundry about my water, but today, I’ll make an exception.

Unfortunately, celery is not the answer.

The roof tank is bunged up. Water flowing into the kitchen and bathroom is a mere trickle, not even enough to trigger the element in the shower head.

So, I am waiting for the guy to come along with his ladder and crawl into the roof space and see what’s holding up my water.

Clorinha has decided that the window is a good mean of egress. Remember she fell yesterday? Well twice now, I have found her outside, and that window was the only way out. So she seems to have lost her fear of heights.

Yellow ochre

Yellow ochre

My artwork is progressing. The background has its first undercoat; Titanium White.

What will go on top of that has yet to be decided, but it will probably involve Yellow Ochre, because that’s pretty close to the colour of the circuit board and it contrasts with the dark green of the other piece.

Needs more thought.

Another bright sunny day out there. Clorinha is exploring; maybe I should have called her Dora.

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer

A change is forecast for tomorrow, cold front creeping up from the south. Dora the Explorer is now investigating the coffee table.

Plans – None

Although I now have a student come at 4pm for a two-hour lesson. And the neighbours have planned another BBQ for today. If it happens, I am invited.

The power situation is slowly resolving itself. The past bills have been paid and the account can now be opened on Monday. But I got a scare last evening, at the close of play a ‘Light’ van came into the street. Drove straight past my house to Lot 18 in the next block. My house is also Lot 18 in our block, I seriously wondered if they were actually looking for my house to cut the power… I didn’t have the receipts to prove that the power was paid, bossette had them across town. However, they eventually drove off, much to my relief. I didn’t fancy a weekend without power.

Once I get my water back, I may/may not consider the dishes.

Lunch is merely a far off thought at the moment, but it could involved steak with blue cheese sauce and wine.

Having been up since before six, I feel a nap is about to happen…

Remember that pop-up from yesterday? I clicked ‘Remind me next year’ :-)




Not this KFC

Not this KFC

I had a terrible nightmare last night, hence the title. It now means Komputer Fried Citten.

In my nightmare, I dreamed that Clorinha had stuck her nose in the works of my PC, which is always open, and I woke to see her ‘fried’.

I like my PC open, because I am always fiddling and I can see the pretty red light that flashes twinkles in time with the pretty green light on the router and tells me that the internet is fine and dandy. That along with the pretty blue light on the front that bursts into life occasionally, they are so comforting.

But back to the nightmare, I am now aware that it was the harbinger of doom. Later, after my second coffee, I heard a plaintiff ‘mew’ (she’s not big enough to meow yet) I rushed to see what she was mewing about and all I could see was two little paws with claws extended clinging to the window sill. I couldn’t get the door unlocked fast enough and she plopped to the ground, landing between the passion fruit and a pineapple.

Clorinha in bed

Clorinha in bed

I finally got the door open and there she stood, shook her head and appeared none-the-worse for her brief free-fall of a metre and a half (about 4+ feet).

More feline news; Clorinha prefers to sleep on the arm of the sofa. Her daddy, Cloro, was a fan for the bed. When I go to bed she comes in for a quick romp and then jumps down and off to the sofa.

Last night she drew her first blood; cute little claws, but by hell, they hurt. She was sitting on my leg at the PC and slipped off, clutching at anything handy. I’m so glad I had my shorts on… (I wouldn’t have been posting that photo).


My inner left thigh

My floor is scattered with bits of paper, cotton buds, empty boxes, a handy towel roll centre and pieces of plastic. I daren’t tidy up because Clorinha considers these to be toys. So she’s cheap to entertain.

It’s nigh on lunch time. I have the fish out of the freezer and plan crumbed sole fillets with refried mashed potatoes and a shittake mushroom cream sauce. I also think this merits a white wine. BRB

ConventodaSerravinhobrancoBottle selected, in the freezer for a quick chill. A Convento da Serra white, 2010. It’s a wine from the Alentejo Region in southern Portugal. Reasonable price, R$25 (about $11).

I found some hydrated shittake mushrooms in the supermarket last week. Bit expensive (R$15), but I am so uncontrollable when it comes to novelties, especially such connoisseur items like shittake.

Today is Freeday… my afternoon student canceled yesterday. So I can afford to hit the plonk.

Oh, ‘it’s good to be the king!’ Line stolen from Mel Brooks’ film History of the World Part 1.

I am concerned. I read an article that gave me food for thought. I posted it on They say it’s in the Genes a couple of days ago. Basically it was saying that humans will divide into two subspecies; a squat goblin-like creatures of dim wit, and a taller more intelligent, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, and creative human. It also mentioned that the latter would have larger penises; which prompted one of my readers to post on the matter. One of his concerns was that while we may have larger penises, would our testicles also be enhanced… to not balance the equation, things would appear weird.

Man, historically, has always been consumed with interest about the penis. Ever since they manage to stuff their chubby little hands down the front of their nappies (diapers) men are enamoured by their appendage.

But that as it may, further led me to think on the matter; and this horrible thought sprang to mind. Are we indeed headed for a sexless society?

A lab grown vagina -image: BBC

A lab grown vagina -image: BBC

It is common knowledge that our beloved scientists have managed to grow ears and noses in petri dishes in the laboratory; then I read this morning that they have managed to grow a vagina…

Does the future hold for us to create babies from laboratory manufactured parts and be put together in a similar manner to cars on an assembly line?

Hence doing away with the need for sex and the resulting birth.

Now this might appeal to the more puritan Americans, but I’m not sure it would catch on globally.

To top all this off, I got this pop-up:


I’m sorely tempted…

A Poop in the Corner

Yes, she hid under the kitchen sink where I couldn’t reach her and she pooped in the corner… The broom wasn’t handy, so she got away with it. The broom is now parked in the kitchen.

Steak N EggsSteak ‘n eggs for breakfast. I was sorely tempted to open a bottle of wine to complete the debauchery, but I resisted, I fought with myself internally and opted for sparkling mineral water and ice.

It was more of a brunch really. I woke hungry from my nap at 11am.

After lunch I watered the plants, they were doing a great impression of dying. Well, not actually ‘dying’ but doing a distinct wilt.

tbirdI had to shut down and do a CHKDSK, something had crashed in my Thunderbird email client and I couldn’t delete mails.

Things were a bit sluggish too, and it fixed that.

So I killed a bird and a slug with one stone.

With all the crap about Brazil not being prepared for the FIFA World Cup, it looks like it’s going to be the same for the Olympic games. Just two years away and some venues haven’t even been started.

Scandal: Tamiflu, the wonder flu drug, appears to be no more effective than Paracetamol. And, the Brits have spent a cool £473m on stockpiling the stuff. Who’s been conned then?

The news is full of Pistorius this, Pistorius that. I heartily sick of Pistorius, I don’t give a damn, tell us when they find him guilty or not. I don’t want to know every sordid detail. It’s boring.

God is angry at the Australians for culling sharks. He’s sent a typhoon to punish them on Friday night and ruin the weekend.

The hunters of MH370 have another beep. So they are narrowing down the search area. Makes it more likely that they’ll find their flight recorder and find out what happened to the flight.

It’s another nice sunny autumn day out there, makes one think that they should be out there enjoying it. The beer truck has been, so I know that the botequim has beer; now there’s a thought.


Here’s a thought for the day…



Chaos Today

First of all I had to deal with a change in policy by the local power company, that took precedence.

This is what I get when I google the light company...

This is what I got when I googled the light company for an image here. Somebody’s got their algorithms up the wop.

They have changed the billing system, and no longer send accounts to your home. Without going into details as to why, this means I can’t pay my bill, because I don’t have an account.

It was helpful that the company didn’t tell anybody.

I only found out by neighbourhood gossip and it has put me at risk of having the power cut this week.

I explained the position to my bossette, and she has come to the rescue and will open an account on my behalf. Aren’t bossettes wonderful?

Hairy potatoes

I have only managed some posts today. The biggest on a Wednesday is CTWW on Eco-Crap, that’s always a two hour job. I discuss the weekly challenge and talk about PC guts and hairy potatoes this week.

I am in an artistic mood. It happens from time to time, I can’t help it. It’s an affliction that I suffer from.

This time I am recycling my oldest PC case, well beyond it’s ‘best by’ date. I want to use the case as a base for a small table for my laptop when I teach classes at home, because my present arrangement is rather precarious and threatens to send the whole lot crashing to the floor.

But that’s not the arty-farty bit.

A couple of weeks ago I rescued an old clock frame from the trash on the street. The clock was stuffed, but the frame was in good condition with the glass intact.

Having gutted the old PC – DDR266 which is so old it was steam powered and would grunt and wail if faced with today’s internet speeds, I was left with a circuit board and bits and pieces…

I am now preparing to combine the two and make a portrait of a PC.

I still have to prepare the background which will be an oil painting of some description, haven’t decided yet and assemble. So it’s a case of recycle, repurpose and hang it on the wall. All in good time; you can’t rush art, some would call this procrastination.

If all goes well tomorrow, I may consider painting a background.

But that’s a fluid plan. Plans that extend over the hours of darkness always are.

I felt like doing something like this

I felt like doing something like this

I have just recovered from another PC crash.

The PC just switched off.

And it didn’t want to start again. Operational system failure…

I tried this, I tried that, I tried other things. I tried to repair the problem from the XP disk but the CD-ROM didn’t want to play CD-ROM games. I changed the CD-ROM, no luck there either; I changed it back again. I changed the boot priority, I unchanged the boot priority.

After an hour or more, suddenly the PC decided it wanted to be friendly again and booted normally. Basically, I didn’t change anything. Damned PCs can be cantankerous at times.

The only sensible thing that has happened in the world is that the Philippines Supreme Court approved birth-control much against the wishes of the Catholic church which dominates there.

So without further ado, I’ll blog along and get some more posts done before the Wednesday night football.


I’ll leave you with a thought. All political news should be prefixed with this or a similar warning…




Caught Short

The first puddle

I did a puddle

I did a puddle

Maybe Clorinha was caught short, or had a temporary lapse of memory, or maybe the dirt box was simply too far from the bedroom.

A small puddle appeared this morning, at least it was accessible to be cleaned up.

So far she’s been pretty good, the sand in the dirt box gets shifted around regularly, so I must assume that she’s using it.

Maybe I’ll have to up her morning coffee… :-)

Major disaster


The last great MS product

XP support finishes today!

Further proof that MicroSoft is a fool.

The report that I read states that 20-25% of users are still using XP. I refute that figure, 100% of the people that I know are still using it. They have refused 7, 8 & 8.1 categorically. Two that I know bought new 8.1 PCs recently, and immediately reformatted the drives and loaded XP. I think MS’s figures are pie in the sky, wishful thinking to justify the decision to stop support. Here is Brazil there are PC stores that will do that for you, so there IS a need.

From my point of view, the fiasco with Windows Vista, destroyed my confidence in any newer MS product and until they come to their senses and restore XP, I will continue to look at avenues to rid my life of MS products.

15_captain_america_600I see headline news that Captain America has broken records.

Not in this house he hasn’t.

I wouldn’t walk across the street to see it, even if it was free.

Further proof that the world needs to get a life.

These films are a waste of time and space; and the media needs to show real news.

Turns out that the train driver that crashed in New York was found to have “severe obstructive sleep apnoea”. I understand that’s a chronic dropping off to sleep anywhere, anytime… How the hell did he pass a medical to drive a damned train?

Britain: A secret sensitive document from Michael Grove has surfaced. One which outlines the limiting the fallout of  failures in his precious academy school system; it’s too embarrassing. Quite frankly, Grove is too embarrassing and should be sacked for trying to hide the truth from the public. MPs are supposed to be protecting the people, not covering up personal embarrassments. He has clearly demonstrated that he is not competent to be a politician.

I really wonder that the world is full of these wankers. Mind you, the fault is basically ours… we put them there.

No classes on this fine sunny day. A trip to the supermarket has been mooted. Clorinha is asleep on the arm of the sofa. The world is as it should be, at least in this household. Lunch will depend on what I find at the supermarket, no plans there yet.



Got Pussy


Wot you doin?

Wot u doin?

I am no longer catless.

Clorinha arrived about a half hour ago.

She’s been watered and fed, and so far hasn’t shown a propensity to poop anywhere. She’s got a little dirt box with fresh sand and at the moment she’s having a wash on the bed.

She has a little more colour than her dad, she’s not quite white, but a very light tan. But she definitely has daddy’s ears and tail.

She’s had a little cry, but seems to be settling in okay.


Having a little wash

Having a little wash

It will be lonely for her later, because I have classes at 4pm and won’t be home until 7.

Unfortunately, I can’t just ring my students and say, I’m kitty-sitting.

Another fine sunny day, not too hot.

I’ve watered the plants, and dug out some weeds growing along the road. It was beginning to look a little unsightly.

Lunch will go by the board. I need a nap as I have lost time with receiving the kitty.




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