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Camembert at Midnight

MidnightWith the beginning of the political campaign for the Brazilian presidential and governorial elections in October, I am really screwed up.

Well, more than normal.

Free Bullshit

Free Bullshit

Nightly on TV we are subjected to an hour of obligatory electoral brainwashing propaganda. Right in the middle of the evening, 8:15 – 9:15, you can’t escape it, it’s on all channels.

As I mentioned yesterday, I switch the TV off.

Which means by the time I have done my nightly rounds, emails, comment replies, a last glance through the news that I am ready for bed an hour earlier.

All this means that I am up for my early morning pee before midnight!

Howling with the bats at the moon

Howling with the bats at the moon

I feel as though I should be out in the yard howling at the moon.

We have the bats in the praça.

Instead, I had the last of my Camembert and began writing.

camembertOh, wonderful Camembert.

All of this leaves me totally disorientated as I sit here bleary-eyed yearning for more sleep, but knowing full well, that any attempt to return to the land of slumber will be fraught with disappointment.

The clock has ticked on, the midnight hour passed. It is now Friday.

Now that I have taken my spleen for a walk, I shall return to the pit from whence I came.

I urge all Brazilians to turn off your TVs, show the damned politicians that we don’t want their political bullshit.

politicalpromisesLater, I promse.

I’ve done it again!

Why I never drink Decaf coffee

Why I never drink Decaf coffee

Less than a half hour before panic stations.

The net was down this morning, so I went to the supermarket for some retail therapy.

Therapied myself stupid!

Three bottles of wine and some food. The meat today was crap, so I sufficed with sausages, mincemeat and hotdogs. I also started to buy some bits and pieces for my birthday BBQ next weekend. Much more to buy.

I must appologise to my regulars, the last two posts have been a bit lacklustre, and today’s will be no better.

With the revamp of WP post page, I miss the post title count. In the old format, after you had wiitten in the title, i came up with a count of the number of times you had used that title. It’s gone. I miss it, especially for my regular posts on some blogs. The new page also has a nasty habit that when I click on the parameters for images, it pops up to the top of the page again, then I have to scroll it back down, That’s annoying.

The world doesn't really know where it is going

The world doesn’t really know where it is going

This IS (Islamic State) bullshit, and the death of the American reporter, needs to be dealt with. Along with those nasty bastards Boko Harum. I have nothing against geniune Muslims, but these are just pathetic barbaric bastards that need to be taken out and given their 72 virgins (I hope they are all old shrivelled nuns).

In the state of the world, reading about the economy and the probablity of a mass revolt against the government, they often talk about a ‘spark’ that will ignite the rebellion. I had wondered if this police shooting of the boy in Ferguson would be that spark. But things seems to have calmed down a bit.

It’s all a bit of a worry really.

I see that scientists have discovered the elelment of suprise…

element of surpriseWith that, I’ll love and leave you.




Should I even try?

Yesterday, I had left myself 40 minutes, today is worse, I have 20.

I spent all my energey on my first post of the day. Eco-Crap – CTWW – Population I started the post at 2am and after going back to bed finally finnished it at 9am; that’s when I ran out of steam coffee. It’s a post that borders on heresy and is certainly radical; dealing with our delusion of progress in relation to the Population vs the environment. It’s subject matter that I have espoused before, but I get a little heavy about it in this post. The opening of the post deals with my recent Montezuma’s Revenge and how I feel about water..

The rest of today was spent, paying my rent, a leisurely lunch and subsequent Nap-fu practice on returning home, which brings me to this late hour in the day, and 20 10 minutes before I hit the panic button.

I had a mishap earlier. I inadvertantly deleted two blogs that I follow. I caught myself before the damage was even greater. The problem is, that I don’t know which blogs I deleted from my follows list. My trigger finger was too quick. So, if you find yourself thinking, “That clown unfollowed me!” Don’t get all bitter and twisted, or start having self-doubts about your blog, just let me know in comments somewhere along the line so that I can rectify my momments madness.

Five minutes…

Yesterday was the 19th. It marked the day when the political bullshit officially starts for the elections for president and state governors. It’s going to be a pain in the arse. It also means that we are subjected nightly to obligatory (on all channels simultaneously) polical broadcasts. They are not so much electioneering as brainwashing.

Two minutes… and that’s about how long it will take Beep Beep Boop!


Oh dear, this post is lop sided. Both images on the right. I must admit that it’s not a really balanced post, but what can you do in 20 minutes.


A different wasted

A different wasted

NOT this wasted.

I had a successful morning posting, then I opted for some Nap-fu practice.

I woke at 1pm, and the net was down, Four hours totally wasted.

So I begrudgingly washed the dishes.

Net was till down.

So I cooked lunch, bacon and eggs, it was sort of a late breakfast really.

Now I have 45 minutes to entertain you and read all my emails that flooded into my inbox when the net returned. So, if I don’t get back straight away, you know why.

I had an exciting morning. Between posts I watched the councilmen put new asphalt down on the next road. I felt like a little boy again, especially when the roller flattened the new seal. See, boys never really grow up, we just get bigger.

I won’t bite any more, promises Suarez Time will tell.

There’s a new play on in a theatre in Ipanema “The sexlife of an ugly women”. I saw the ad on TV last night. The woman is actually a man, of course, and is truly hideous. I am so tempted to go and see it. But Ipanema is like 60km (40 miles) from here, and needs three buses there and three back.

About this colour

About this colour

Kitty  has just come in. Fed and watered, had a good petting and is now using my bed as a bathroom. I am still hopeful of getting one of the kittens, but am puzzling over a name. My initial thought was Chocolate, but they are too light for that, they’re more of a cappuccino colour. Cappy? I’ll have to think about that some more.

I still have at least six weeks before they’ll be ready to leave Mommy.

The time has flown. I must leave in 10 minutes. It’s a good thing I am a man. Don’t need to choose my jeans, don’t need to worry about colour coordination, don’t need makeup. I just pull on my jeans, add socks and shoes, grab the nearest shirt, grab hat and lock the door. Total time takes about four minutes and I’m at the gate with my walkingstick.



Half Started



Yes, I’ve got the window open. Actually it has been open for a couple of hours. I am waiting for inspiration.

*Looks around the room*

Today, I am on the mend. I feel shattered after this last bout of Montezuma’s Revenege.

After yesterday morning’s trots, I expected this to be the result, but the ediface stood up well. I feel more like this than the throne.

My hopes of getting a photo of Kitty’s kittens lapsed yesterday afternoon, when I was informed the the untrustworthy bastard had collected her and them and taken them home late Saturday.

I didn’t see Kitty until this morning and she has been in three times today.

Lovely day to start with, woke up from Nap-fu practice at 2pm and needed to turn on the light it was so dull and chilly. We could well be in for rain later during the night.

Beer Pillow

Beer Pillow

I found this the other day…

Want one!

About the quality of blogs. I hit a link the other day, 100 Best Blogs on WordPress. I don’t know what they use as their criteria, but I was moved to open two and they weren’t worth the finger pressure.

Maybe my expectations are too high.

Twitter is the same, but worse. All the time it suggests Twits to follow, I have never followed one; opened a couple but closed them quickly again. You’d think with all their damned algorithms and junk that they’d learn I don’t like this shit.

I thought I’d clarify something. Any blogger who likes one of my posts, I visit. I get quite a few new posts emails too. If the content is in any way commercial or product reviews, I ignore it. I believe I have ads on my blogs, this is not my choice; I’m stuck with the damn things because I have free blogs. If I could get rid of them without paying, I would. I hate this advertising shit. I have never knowingly clicked on an ad on the internet, and will never do so. I find this kind of advertising to be instrusive and an abuse of a person’s rights. Oh, not only WP, but every site. I have three ad blockers loaded, so in the main I am not worried anymore.

My opinion of the internet is it should be free, if it’s on the net, it’s free. If you want somebody to pay for it, then advertise elsewhere. Waaaay back in the early days I bought one programme, and that was it. I haven’t paid for anything since.

funny-love-heart-pint-love-you-too-beer-picsI am here neither to make money, nor spend it.

I know, the kids are right; I’m a velho caduco (grumpy old man).

I think everyone should have something to believe in, something to love and to cherish. It is for that reason, when I have finished this post, I believe I will go for a beer.

My blog post with 18 Likes has been joined by two more. I must be doing something right.

Liberia has lost 17 Ebola patients after the centre for treatment was attacked. This is going to blow out of all proportion. If it becomes global, it’ll make AIDS look like the commom cold.

Saw a disturbing report yesterday. Horses in California and the westcoast are sick, hundreds of them, some are so sick that their skin is falling off. It’s not happening anywhere else and it has never happened before Nobody knows why. And, nobody is suggesting it is the results of fallout from Japan’s Kukushima troubles. I am. If this is happening to horses, what’s in store for humans?

We are fools. We don’t know what we are doing. We don’t have any idea of the consequences.

Nothing very funny today, just random thoughts.

Beer o’clock.


Pork and Port

My offering for the BBQ

My offering for the BBQ

My Rs wasn’t working, I got Pok & Pot… but being early in the morning, with coffee, my unusually alert self recognised the error and rectified it.

BTW my Rs is working, all to well. I have diarhea again. After severe deep volcanic disturbances through the night, my tectonic plate has stopped moving. Hopefully, no more eruptions disruptions after two days of suffering.

I read that two out of five people suffer from diarhea frequently; I can only assume that the other three enjoy it…

Yesterday, during my regular after lunch Nap-fu practice, I was subjected to the fumes of BBQ wafting through my my bedroom window. This needed investigating. I discovered that friends had set up the botequim BBQ right in front of my house. I strode over to complain in typical Brazilian fashion; “Why wasn’t I invited?”

I duly was.

So returning home, I got my ciggies and a bottle of Ruby Port and returned. One of the kids had provided a seat from the bar and made space for me at the table, and that was the end of Saturday.

After all the discussion in the last posts, I finally have a clear idea about slugs.

Slugs are a url extension

Slugs are a url extension

Apparently of use to SEO, which I ignore anyway; can’t be bothered with all that crap, besides I don’t understand it. Anything I don’t understand is unnecessary crap.

Big surprise yesterday. My neighbour (another one) called me over the fence. The Mystery of the Missing Kittens was solved. Kitty, apparently, mistrusts the people at home as much as I do. She didn’t have the kittens at home, but in a dark corner of the neighbour’s carport. Three white and light tan and a black & white. The light coloured ones look like little cups of café au lait

I had hoped to have a photo today, but it appears the neighbours have already gone out.

So if you like this post, the nice yellow one, click Like

So if you like this post, the nice yellow one, click Like

I saw a blog yesterday, a post had 433 ‘Likes’

How do they do it?

Makes my crowing about 18 seem rather pathetic.

There’s something I’m not doing right…

Or something I am doing that’s incredibly wrong.

At least my likers are there, supporting my humble efforts.

The day is fine, sunny and cool still; rather than the vagaries of yesterday of hot flushes and cold shoulder.

I have nothing planned for the day, I expect it to be another successful day… doing nothing.

I took the bull by the proverbail horns yesterday and did the dishes while I was making lunch. In the evening I was faced with a sink full of dishes again. Where do they come from? I think this is a conspiracy plot.

A new report. People who subscribe to conspiracy theories like JFK and 9/11 are more sane than the anit-conspiracy theorists. The antis, have their own rabid views that they rant and vent their spleens over, while the sane people don’t have a view, they just want the truth. This means I am closer to being sane than I thought.

I have three notes on my scrap of paper of things I could write about. The problem is, I can’t read them.

A Dutchman, 91, has returned his Holocaust medal to the Israelis. He earned the medal for saving a Jewish child during WWII from the Nazis. This latest tantrum killed six of his extended family members in an Israeli bombing raid. “to hold on to the honour granted to me by the State of Israel under these circumstances, would be an insult… to those in my family, four generations on, who lost no less than six of their relatives in Gaza.” Good on him, a man of principles. The world needs more examples like this.

Well, I should blog along. Still lots to do… then a whole day of nothing.




Beep Beep Boop

beepbeepboopYes, it’s time to Beep Beep Boop.

If you are not a WordPress blogger then you won’t understand Beep Beep Boop.

Beep Beep Boop was what I was faced with at 1:30am the other morning while I was pre-Coffee. You can read about the trauma on OMG! They’ve done it Again.

I have coffee and am over the initial shock, still learning to drive Beep Beep Boop.

As a WP blogger, might I say ‘typical’, I have been confused over the difference between & A great post by Rachel, our Happiness Engineer, spells it out quite nicely.

Not this slug

Not this slug

She also answered my question about slugs.

She gave me a link: where you can see what it is about WP slugs that’s different from the one to the left.

Ever since Rachel became our Happiness Engineer, I’ve often tried to picture a Happiness Engineer; I’ve even googled it. There were electrical, civil, mechanical, but no happiness.

But, I think I’ve got it.

Rachel, this is how I picture/envisage a Happiness Engineer.

HappinessEngineer1There, I think that does it. She puts up with a lot of grief from me, so she deserves nice thoughts.

The weather is suffering from PMT, can’t make up it’s mind. Bright and sunny, dark and sinister, dull and sombre; oh, bright and sunny again…

I need more coffee…


Kitty came in. “Meeeooow!” (translate = get your priorities right!). Breakfast before your coffee.

Kitty got her wish. Crispy Beef and Fish Bisuits and a bowl of chilled Chateau Moo de Lap…

 Then, I got my coffee.

I broke 17 ‘Likes’… I got 18 on my post Demons! Yay!

Australia’s prime minister stuck his nose into the Scottish independence debate yesterday. Today Scotland replied… “Scotland’s first minister has said the Australian prime minister’s comments on Scottish independence were “foolish, hypocritical and offensive”.”BBCNews. That about sums up Tony Abbott nicely, “foolish, hypocritical and offensive”.

Time to Beep Beep Boop.


Cold Feet

NZDLYes, I’ve got cold feet.

I forgot to pull the blanket over when I Nap-fued.

It’s nearly 2pm, I have just unNap-fued, I have coffee, so I’m not posting illegally.

Click on the image to verify ———->

My licence determines that I need coffee to do anything rational.

I have managed to d/load two Robin William’s movies and a show called Weapons of Self Destruction, some of which I have watched… but I fell asleep.

speedbumpspillI see that RW was suffering the onset of Parkinson’s Disease. That would be a terrible affliction; I would hate that.

I was once asked that if I had the choice would I prefer Parkinsons or Alzheimers, after a moments thought, I concluded Parkinson’s… better to spill a little beer than forget where I put it.

But, joking aside, I would really hate either.

I just realised that when making my ‘licence’ I should have added Bollocks as a middle name, then my initials would have been ABV (alcohol by volume) :-) I may still do that at a later date.

Oh, sometimes we miss so many opportunties in life, some big, some small.

The sun has been out today, ineffectual, but it was there.

I have been hiding under the blankets again today. A lot of my posting was done in the freezing hours of the early morning. Yesterday morning dropped to 11ºC, the coldest of the year.

I am pleased to report, that despite using, my bule (coffeepot) is still bright and shiny.

I am still learning to drive the new ‘post page’, making discoveries all the time. But, I still don’t know what a ‘slug’ is.

The Russians are creating a real problem. The aid convoy was green army trucks newly painted white, and some that have been inspected are nearly empty. Why? What’s Putin up to? Then there’s the fact that a Russian military convoy slipped into Ukraine in the dark on Thursdaynight at an unmanned dirt road entry point. Ukraine destroyed half, and the Russians deny it existed.

Read an interesting historic account of the problems in Iraq, it all stems back to a division of the Middle East by the Brits and French in 1916 with arbitrarily artifical borders of the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement that totally disregarded ethnic divisions. I had read about this before, but last night’s article indicated that the Middle East will not rest until these borders are eradicated.

I have been told that at my age I need glasses…

needglassesI already have them for reading, so I can only assume they mean these.

Cat No. 2 has just arrived and demanding attention.

Time to ‘beep beep boop’.


The weather took a turn

It was forecast, but yesterday as I left for work, the heavens opened. I got halfway there and got soaked, so I came back home and rang my student, moved the lesson to Friday.

Rained all night.

Today, I have been curled up in bed between posts. Huddled under a blanket in my woolly sweat pants and two t-shirts.

My Nap-fu practice, is normally flop on the bed in my underpants, quite inelegant, which is why I have never taken a selfie. But today there was no ‘flopping’ rather a slow crawling lethargic roll to get under the blanket.

I cleaned it

I cleaned it

Yesterday, Posted a picture of my bule (coffeepot).

I was quite shamed by its state, so ashamed in fact that last night I spent 20 minutes scrubbing it.

Today it sits there almost gleaming.

I have been reading some posts recently about tea drinking and the associated benefits, also some of the comments received have alluded to the tea drinking habits of the British.

Since yesterday, I have been drinking tea; black tea without suger, which is how I prefer it.

Sorry, doesn’t cut the mustard.

This afternoon I am back on coffee; that mug of liquid sanity.

The latest member of my entourage.

skinnytortoiseshellA scrawny tortoiseshell.

She’s from the same household as Kitty. I have no idea what her name is, but she has taken a liking to me. Or is it the cat food she has taken a liking to?

She’s more friendly than Kitty and jumps up willingly on the sofa for a petting.

She’s got a long skinny rats tail, but I like my cats with big fluffy tails, like Cloro and Clorinha.

My yesterday’ post about the chages to WP posting page got misunderstood. I like the changes, but being faced with them at 1:30am without coffee was rather daunting. For those of you reading, if you have had problems with the post preview, it’s probably because you have pop-ups blocked; like me. The preview now comes as a pop-up page. I don’t know why they fixed it, the new tab was working fine. My philosophy is if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I still want to know what a ‘slug’ is (found under advanced setting).

They say the internet is full. There is a likelyhood of it shutting down.

Is the internet ‘full’ and are we in for a rocky ride over the next few weeks? Photograph: Alamy Click the image if you want the BBCNews about this

That’s a worry, if the internet shuts down, I’ll have to do other things, like the dishes…

ISPs with old equipment are already being affected. Hence the FB outage a week or so ago.

Mind you, FB wouldn’t be a great loss.

But the mind boggles at the thought of a blogless world.

Here in Brazil, we received a shock yesterday. Eduardo Campos, one of the presidential hopefuls for this year’s elections in October, was killed in a plane crash. There are six serious candidates, Campos and Aércio Neves were the two choices in my mind. The other four, include a slovenly disinterested cuss, a slime ball, an ex-evangelical preacher who is crawling up the collective religious asshole and the blonde bimbo incumbent; who was top of the pops. I am hopeful that Campos’ followers will migrate to Neves and knock the blonde bimbo off her perch.

The whole dynamic of October has been thrown into disarray.

I must get organised. Fifteen minutes before I am due to leave for class. At least it isn’t raining so I should get there dry and cold.


OMG! They’ve done it again!

I am staring at a foreign page, strange, unknown, weird.

I am bewildered, confused, puzzled.

But then I am old, so that’s normal, at least

WordPress has sprung a shifty on us and redesigned the page. Oh 1:30am confusion!

WTF is a slug?

WTF is a slug?

I stuck my toe in the water, and looked at some of the drop-down boxes… I found a slug! Yes, it’s in Advanced settings.

Not sure if I want slugs…

Anyway this one seems to have manners, at least.

This is like trying to drive a manual (stick shift) after 20 years behind an automatic drive.

I’m sitting here with double strength coffee clicking my heels to get back to Kansas. Dorothy, it’s not working!

That was not going to be my opening gambit.

My post title was going to be “Becoming a Habit!”

My dirty coffeepot in action at 1:30am

My dirty coffeepot in action at 1:30am

Yes, making coffee at 1:30am is becoming a habit.

I have been awake since 12:30, not really a case of insomnia, because I went to bed at 9:30pm and have had four hours uninterrupted glorious sleep.

My dirty coffeepot is not a case of sloth, or being slovenly, but rather it is never out of action long enough to scour.

Oh, that coffee is was wonderful.

Need more! BRB

Boy, that coffee is strong. I had to add some boiling water to knock it back a notch. Must’ve put 5 spoons in instead of four…

Eating BBQ leftovers from last night's supper

Eating BBQ leftovers from last night’s supper

Kitty is feeling more and more at home.

She wanders in, meows, and looks at the food bowls.

She is still mistrustful, if I make a sudden move in the kitchen, she is in escape mode in a flash.

With the passing of Robin Williams, I have seen reference to his many films. Many more than I was aware of. I have marked a few for dowloading off eMule.

I am still perplexed over this ‘new look’ and not sure where to go from here…

Maybe back to bed would be best.







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