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Interrupted… by Beer

Beer Glass

Interrupted by beer

Yes, what a wonderful way to recover from a screwed up Saturday.

Second class didn’t show, so I wetn home.

Crashed until 3pm

Botequim, football and beer.

More football at 9pm, my team, Flamengo.

I’ve just had a snack, ham & parsley omelette.

That’s one of the things I like living alone, you can have breakfast food for a late afternoon snack, and there’s no-one to say “Boo!”

For the footy match later, it’ll probably be pizza and beer. Although a lot depends if Raimundo decides to fire up the BBQ. Plans are fluid at this stage.

So, apart from work, snooze and beer, not a lot has heppened. Life seems a bit of a drag at the mopment.

Brazil has the run-off election for president tomorrow. Also there is a run-ff for governor of Rio state where we have a choice between an idiot and a religious bigot. I have just seen the latest figures, it looks like the idiot will win by 10%. Thank heavens for idiots. In the news just now there was news that the evangelical church where the religious bigot was a bishop has been campaigning inside the church, which is prohibited by law.

Ugly beast

Ugly beast

Eleven Brazilians in Rio were poisoned by eating badly prepared baiacu (blowfish). This fish is considered the second most poisonour animal in the world. The Japanese eat fugu, but it has to be especially prepared to avoid releasing the toxins.

Pays to know what you’re doing.

Headline news: Queen Elizabeth has tweeted… Wow! #queen

Ebola has surpassed 10,000 cases, and deaths have reached 5,000. It’s not going to go away folks.

It’s getting on time for pizza, beer and football.


Half a Mind

half_a_mind_button-r72ee8ec3c9cf4889ba9915ddc407db02_x7j3i_8byvr_512I was of half a mind last night, should I post, or should I go to bed.

Bed won!

So yesterday was a rare day in which I didn’t post here. Besides there was nothing much to post about. Lunch was fried fish bits and tartare sauce at the botequim, with beer; and I watered the plants.

So I wake to another screwed up Saturday.

I posted some about midnight, and the rest this morning, I’ve got one to go after this and another coffee.

I’ve got the coffee; and a glance at the wall clock tells me I won’t get much more done here as I should put my pants on, behave like a teacher and toddle off.

“I’ll be back!” Those famous words…


A Late Start

meltingairthNot me, I’ve been on the go since 7am.

We have been promised a hot day after our cool since Monday. I doubt we will get to the predicted high of 30ºC, as the sun is still trying to bust through the cloud cover. The lack of promised rain meant that I had to return to unwilting wilting plants today. I also watered myself; I let the hose drop to close the gate, and it flipped over and showered me with icy cold water. Not amused.

Lunch was an enticing leftover affair, french fries, two slices of pizza and a piece of wienerschnitzel reheated. So there is some space in the fridge for real food.

Classes today beginning at four, home at 8:30, just in time to miss everything I usually watch on TV.

male-neanderthal-pulling-female-neaNeanderthal sex… now I realise that most women think that men are Neanderthals when it comes to sex. But scientists have been able to pinpoint when homosapiens had sex with Neanderthals. Surprising how much information they can get from a single leg bone found in Siberia. Another fact, did you know that 2% of modern DNA is Neanderthal? So we are all a bit Neanderthal when it comes to the crunch.

British police are looking into the use of TASERS after figures show that 80% of incidents are against mentally disturbed, black and ethnic minorites.

American military leaders have admitted that they grossly underestimated the problems in invading Afghanistan. As did the Russians before them, and the Britich before the Russians. Seems like we never learn.

We read a lot about invasive species, plants and animals that have been transported to new habitats and then wreak havoc on existing plants and animals.

But we never read about the planet’s most invasive species, that does exactly the same; moves to a new area, destroys plants and wildlife, rapes and pollutes the land. Yes, folks, I am talking about us. Are we not the most dangerous invasive species?

That’s something to think about.


I am so cool

Not cool... just another little wanker

Not cool… just another little wanker

No, NOT Joe Cool, or Bieber cool.

The weather is cool, and therefore I am too. I’m not complaining, it’s pleasant after our recent hot spell.

I read of an ingenious way of getting around the problem of no net on An Englishman in Italy. I love his blog. After his post, I commented: “I have a similar problem at work. No, it doesn’t involve a yacht’s mast, yet. I was able to get a connection when the other firm occupied the room next to my classroom. But they moved across the road. It was fine when they had the router near the front window, but they moved it to the back room; now with an extra wall between us sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Maybe I should look for a mast…”

If you want to understand the yacht mast you’ll have to read his side of the story.

It was so handy having the net in class. I used to d/load music and song lyrics and also to demonstrate things relating to English culture. I must try and convince my bossette that the net is a good teaching aid, but she is very old fashioned and bleats about the cost of everything. Last week I asked for fly spray to combat mosquitoes that were annoying students; you’d have thought I had asked her to put a down payment on the crown jewels instead of an R$8 can of spray. Then I got a lecture about how to use it frugally.

Apparently people do cook lipstick

Apparently people do cook lipstick

Did you know that the average woman consumes 6lbs of lipstick in a lifetime… Quite frankly, I am amazed, I have never thought of eating lipstick, I wonder how they cook it, or is it eaten raw?

On a different eating theme. I love avocado milkshakes. Half an avocado, lots of ice and milk. into the blender.

Drink it until the pain hits, right at the base of the skull. Brain Freeze! Oh why do I do it.

Last week I made them for my kids when they visited.

Emmylee’s immediate response, “I’m not drinking that, it’s Shrek poo!” Sigh, that’s an eight year old for you.

I showed her the avocado skins and finally convinced her to try it. She liked it. Now they’re called Shrek poo!

Shrek poop

Shrek poop

Ebola. They’ve been telling us lies… again. In 1990 Ebola was recognised as being airborne.

The British pound is falling, it has upset money markets. Now tell me again where is this economic recovery they keep talking about.

Hong Kong situation explained in intelligable language by Andrew in a great post. Thanks Andrew, that was well done.

Must be time for Nap-fu practice.


Is Monday gone yet?

TGInotMondayBoy, that was a rough one.

But I survived.

Now I’m safely in Tuesday.

I did the dishes yesterday… then I cooked lunch. Now I need to do the dishes again.

I have supermarketed. Spent R$151, but when I put it all away in the cupboards and fridge it looks as though I need to go to the supermarket still.

Had a couple of wonderful ham, lettuce and mustard sandwiches when i got home.

My afternoon student has cancelled, so just one class today at 6pm. Leaves me plenty of time to finish this post comfortably. I’ve already done the rest.

Cool day today, overcast, trying to rain. It has pitterd and pattered a couple of times, but nothing like we were promised.

Recently I have been following a South African blog, Boeta. It’s a mixed blog, family and nature and has some wonderful stories and some wonderful nature shots.

Karoo Robin or Scrub-Robin (Cercotrichas coryphoeus)

There’s a sample for you.

Andrew, if you happen to be reading, you may well enjoy these photos. I haven’t seen your avatar there.

I am cooking off some betroot ready for pickling. I just love pickled beetroot; and it’s always popular when I have a BBQ. Brazilians just eat it boiled, or grated finely raw on salads. No imagination.

There’s been a report floating around this week that our Blonde Bimbo felt dizzy after a political debate against her rival for president. I wonder why that made the news because she’s been dizzy for years.

Pretty poppies everywhere

Pretty poppies everywhere

Silly box candidates for today… Northern Ireland for introducing a law to target prostitues’ clients in an effort to get rid of prostitution. These politicians are so pathetic, until they tackle the real cause of prostitution, marriage, it won’t ever go away.

And the USA for spending $7.8bn on anti-drug measures in Afghanistan only to have a record bumper crop like never before. Money wasted. Imagine the impact if that money had been spent on education programmes to reduce opium usage at home…

Other headline news, Kate is pregnant again. The world is to have yet another prince/ss. Whoopi!

South African athlete Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to five years in jail for killing his girlfriend. Fine, now maybe we’ll get some real news.

The beetroot is cooked. Time to go and pickle it.


Totally Screwed

Screwed in so many ways

Screwed in so many ways

Of course, it’s Monday, one should expect it.

I found out this morning that today is Dia de comércio (Business Day), not last Monday as I thought.

After needing to go to the supermarket since Friday, I procrastinated; Saturday, I procrastinated again, and again yesterday. When the situation finally got desperate and I resolved to go today, my neighbour informs me that the supermarket is closed for the business holiday.

So, it looks like tomorrow.

I needed bread, the breadman didn’t pass, I went to the bar in the next street to get bread. I’m out of fizzy water. I now have bread, I have little else.

Lits List of things to do today…

Get fizzy water.

Change the wall clock.

Take something to eat out of the freezer.

The dishes.

Learn how to spell!

Go back to bed and start the day over.

Monday, it could only happen on a Monday!

I managed to get fizzy water at the botequim. I was surprised he was open, when I enquired why, he said I’m not a business, I’m a social service…. True, true.

Lunch will happen. I’ve just prised a small pack of thin steak from the freezer drawer where it had cemented itself in ice during the last defrost. So weinerschnitzel is on the menu. I won’t starve.

We got a little rain overnight. Not much, but it has perked the bushes up, they were looking rather sad. But the storms promised for today have yet to manifest.

LonglivescotlandSex, we all know about sex. But have you ever wondered when did sex start?

No? Me neither. That is until I saw the answer this morning. The Scots invented sex; even though they weren’t flying the flag of St Andrew at the time.

Apparently, sex began in a Scottish lake 385,000,000 years ago. So when they say sex is as old as the hills, they’re damned near right.

You can read about it on the Tomus post this morning.

Australia is in the silly box today. Abbott’s policy of ‘fossil fuels are good for humanity’ is back firing. Many businesses and institutions are divesting themselves of investments in companies that rely on fossil fuels in a collective demonstration that Australians care about the environment even if he doesn’t, or is too stupid to care. Personally, I think the latter.

The sky has clouded over; a bit like my mind at the moment. And there is a little wind; a bit like my…. oh never mind. Maybe we will get the stormy weather later.

I shall go and watch the clouds from the veranda of the botequim.


Strung Out to Dry

I feel like this poor sodding octopus

I feel like this poor sodding octopus

That’s how I feel.

Bloody Daylight Savings Time started here in Brazil last night.

The wall clock says 9:30, the PC clock says 10:30…. My cellphone has decided not to change, see, it hates DST too.

The laundry lady has been and gone, the house is quiet again. No nonsensical chatter.

The living room carpet is also strung out to dry. It’s going to be hot again today, so it should dry quickly.

I am deciding whether to make sushi, or fire up the BBQ. Either way, I’ve not taken anything out of the freezer yet.

You all know that I try to learn something every day. That’s my credo in life.

Yesterday, I learned something new; and I’m not sure I wanted to know this.

Paris got a new sculpture, a sex toy.


The sculptor claims it’s a Christmas Tree

Now, I don’t know much about sex toys. After 50+ years of a satisfactory sex life… and thirteen kids, I have never needed to resort to sex toys. Quite frankly this scares me. I mean I am not a prude by any means, and I have an active over-active imagination. But if this is a sex toy, then there are only two places it could possibly go.

My question is, why?

Apparently, some Parisians weren’t happy with it, and it has been vandalise and deflated.

Further in the news, and less raunchy. There is a competition to name the landing site for the comet probe. My suggestion is ‘X’. That maks the spot, no need for a competition.

The pope is ahead of his time. The bishops squashed his ideas of gays and remarried divorsees being recgonised by the church. I seem to remember that his original edict was for bishops to listen to their flock; obviously some didn’t. They’re nothing but doddery old wankers and need to be chucked out. The people need to give these old farts a shock, and all who are affected should denounce their faith.

certifiedoldfartIf I had hair, it would be curling, for the second time just now. I googled ‘Paris sex toy’ to get the above image; then I googled ‘old fart’ to get an image for the above paragraph about the bishops. Well, you try googling those phrases with the Family Filter off, it’ll make your hair curl too. I have the Family Filter off to give me more results, often mistakenly omitted by it.

Talk about Sex Education 101…

Ebola, is much more widespread than being reported. A report from Liberia says that deaths are much higher than official figures.

Try these quotes: “Stock markets across the world are starting to crack.” “Last night Europe was heavily in the red,” “stocks have tumbled over 1,000 points through today” “brace for a correction” “panic on Wall Street” “global investors may see the writing on the wall” “If Ebola cannot be contained, then people will likely opt to stay home this year instead of joining massive crowds in closed quarters during key shopping days like Black Friday.” “Obama Administration may have just triggered the next big crash” And they’re all from one article. Now tell me, where is this wonderful recovery that is on every politicians lips?

parentaladvisoryThe world is well on course for wrack and ruin.

My inspiration does not runneth over.

The botequim is open. It’s beer o’clock, I shall go and have one to determine whether I will have sushi or BBQ. If they’re having BBQ, then I’ll have sushi.

All set for further debauchery.

Aren’t Sundays wonderful?


And it came to pass…

He can have it back on Monday

He can have it back on Monday

That I have managed to complete my posts for the day.

This could well be a really screwed up Saturday. Not only do I have my regular classes, but I may/may not have another until 3pm. I don’t know as of yet. Oh, the things I do for my bossette.

I need more coffee… BRB

My students from last night’s group won’t know until the end of the month whether or not they are affected by the new factory edict. So there is still hope. If their class are cut, that will make a big hole in my pay.

Another hot, hot day anticipated. Weather forecast predicts rain on Monday, in the meantime we have to endure 40ºC+. Mind you, they forecast rain for last Wednesday and it didn’t.

Yesterday afternoon, I had my customary stroll around the praça, stopping the have a big conversation with the tortoiseshell cat from next door. She was just full of meows.

I was disappointed last night. I followed a comment on a post from 2011 and discovered that the image had disappeared. The site from which the image came was also down. On checking other posts, many images had disappeared. How disappointing. I will save more images and host them myself in the future. Nothing is forever.

On Ebola, a third US case who flew on two domestic flights while contagious. News that the UN effort is too little, too late, and not taken seriously enough. We will pay for that.

046da310a240a0ea2de122fd256580d5It’s time to put my underwear on the outside and become ‘Superteacher’!

Another of life’s riddles to solve…

Why do superheroes wear their underwear outside?


Hot Spell

I wish my neighbour hadn't sold his pick up

I wish my neighbour hadn’t sold his pick up

H – O – T

That’s how you spell it.

Yes, our hot spell continues. More than a month without rain and very low humidity. The bushes in the praça are suffering, all doing a serious wilt. I have to water Clorinha’s guava tree each day. Now it has plenty of new shoots.

All my plants get a good water daily too. The two guava trees (one pink and the other white fruit) have heaps of blossoms, so it looks like a bumper crop.

It’s about 40ºC+ (106ºF) at the moment.

Last night was a disaster at work. Three classes and not one student arrived. 4½ hours of waiting.

fridayAll I can say is TGIF, but then I have another screwed up Saturday ahead with classes. I can’t complain because I need them, The factory where we get a lot of students from has issued a directive that all language class contracts are cancelled as from the end of October. They are feeling the economic pinch too. I know that I have lost one student and I’ll find out about the Friday night group tonight.

Not cooking lunch today, it’s too hot.

I’ll cheat and wait for an after work pizza, and let them steam their buns off.

Not surprised. New Zealand got a place on the UN Security Council by sucking up to the Americans and letting them spy on the internet.

I read a shocking story last night. Whisper app is the most dangerous place to be. They are stooges for the American spying apparatus.

Twitter is to begin retweeting tweets to your timeline in case you missed them. They plan to retweet tweets that maybe of interest to you… If they get that as wrong as they get people for me to follow it’s another useless freakin’ exercise.

12 red cards

12 red cards

How to play Argentine football. Twelve red cards in one match. I can’t decide if that’s awesome or abysmal. See the brawl on video for yourself. All I can say is thank heavens they don’t play cricket, they’d be armed with bats as well.

According to a medical charity, so far all the efforts to combat Ebola are having no impact.

I don’t usually drink on work days. But… it’s so hot, a liquid lunch is on the cards. I’ve got six hours to sleep it off.

The botequim is opening, I can hear the sliders going up…

I’m off, it just became beer o’clock!


*Puts pants on*

Lead Ballon

leadballoonWell, my attempt at satire yesterday went down like a lead balloon going by the number of ‘Likes’ I got.

Never mind, I’ll move along.

Can’t please all the people all the time. Thanks to those who recognised the satire and ‘Liked’.

Hot stuffy day again, no wind. We were promised rain yesterday, obviously the weather didn’t hear that; not a drop.

I have an hour before my kids are here for their English lesson, and I still have to have lunch. It’s in the oven. Fish fillets poached in milk.

Once the kids get here, I’ll get nothing done. When they go, I’ll have an hour until my first lesson at the course at 4pm. So that’s the day gone. Thursdays have turned into a mucky day.

Political correctness gone too far. Australians are in the stupid box today. A TV programme had to appologise for a ‘sexist’ quiz question; “Name a woman’s job?” That’s NOT sexist. The obvious answer is, “To have babies!” I’d love to see these pc bastards change that.

Share prices continue to slide worldwide, making financial institutions jitter. There’s something about to happen.

Ebola is still in the news, although no new cases are cited outside Africa. WHO is now trying to play down the epidemic. I was surprised to read one report that showed many Americans have no idea that Ebola exists.




They say that fish is brain food… didn’t do my inspiration much good.

Just heard on the news that Spain has a new Ebola case; a Nigerian flew there today and is showing all the signs, Now they have another aircraft load of people exposed to the virus through the plane’s ventilation system.

This is pretty much like my Nap-fu practice

This is pretty much like my Nap-fu practice

Well, I suppose I’d better go and remove the washing from the sofa so the kids have somewhere to sit for a lesson. Then I should go and do the dishes so they know that Dad is not a slob. And, I’d better put some pants on…



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