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Free Day

Well, yesterday one of my students canceled today’s class and then my one other sent a text msg canceling as well, so I have an added bonus mid-week, good for the soul, not so good for the pocket.

I have blogged. Eco-Crap has a new challenge post up. I had a whinge over there about WordPress, so I won’t bore you with the details here; if you really want to be bored then hop over there and do it.

Last night I did some more BBQ, not the marathon of my birthday, but just to use some of the meat that was left over. Now I have lunch on, an inch thick pork chop is in the roasting dish along with some potatoes and I’ll make some savoury cabbage to go with that… nom noms.

Looks like we’re going to have a big weather change, the morning sun has gone in favour of clouds and there are black clouds on the horizon. It was forecast last night, so no great surprises.

Wheee! The wind has come up, could be quite a storm.

Must go and check on lunch, then decide on a good wine to have with it.


364 days to go…

AV and student

Yes, officially there are 364 days until I do it all again.

The birthday bash is over. All went well, I managed 7 hours of BBQ for the regulars at the botequim. I have enough meat left over to do it all again; and I mat do some tonight.

The photo was taken last Friday  with my student at his farewell, not quite flattering, but the camera does usually lie, and I guess that is how others see me which is not quite the dashing image I have of myself. But then, we are all a bit like that, I suppose, unitl the brutal truth hits home.

Bohemia Camisinha

By the evenings end, 10pm, my right leg was aching and I was pleased to pack up my cutting board and knives and go home with my ‘booty.’

Yes, I got a present, in fact two. One was the cervegela (for keeping bottles of beer cold) pictured. Normally referred to colloquially as ‘camisinhas‘ (literally little shirts = condoms). Lucio has been promising me this for over two years, I never said anything, but always lived in hope. Last night I was drinking Bohemia beer and he asked me if he had ever given me the promised gift. Sheepishly he went to his car and got a glass goblet, and later went home and came back with my camisinha.

Bohemia Goblet

The glass goblet is also a prize. Lucio works for the big South American bottling company, he is a rep, so he is able to get these things easily. It’s the thought that counts.

Now, all I have to do is the dishes, freeze, what is freezable, and get ready for work. I must mention that yesterday before I BBQd I inaugurated my Nether Region of the Earth III here on WordPress. For some reason, I can’t post the link here, it freezes the page. But the link is available in the footer with my other blogs. Sorry about that.

I will make more coffee, and try to bring some sort of order to that disaster area called the kitchen.


Two Thirds

That’s what I reckon, two thirds of my life have now passed, which means I am banking on living until I’m 90. Both my grandfathers did, although my father didn’t fare so well; they say that family traits often skip a generation.

To me, from me, with love. That’s about it for me today. My sister wished me a happy birthday via Mum’s regular phone call on Saturday, and Mum put some extra money in my bank account (even at my age, aren’t mothers wonderful?)and I plan to buy a new pair of trousers (whoopee!), isn’t that exciting.

But today is the day of my planned BBQ, I can’t sit here all day chewing the fat with you guys, I plan to do plenty of that at the botquim and I mean beef fat. I have to buy some bread rolls for the garlic bread and I forgot to buy liver yesterday, slices of liver go well on the BBQ. The rest of the shopping was done yesterday. I got a 3kg (6+lbs for our American cousins) slab of rump steak, sausages, franks, beef ribs, smoked sausages, chicken hearts, wings and drumsticks, so there will be plenty.  I have to make a small coleslaw as well and some kebabs, they will have chicken hearts, cocktail sausage, mushrooms and olives, I had hoped to have cherry tomatoes, but alas none to be found.

Kibe is typically Brazilian

I also have to make some meatballs, they will be mint flavoured, so a little like kibe (which is a very Brazilian savoury, although I have the feeling they are of Arabic origin). I just checked, it is traditional in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and across north Africa, so my hunch was right. I will put a recipe on Fizz in the next couple of days. But I am not making kibe today, just kibe flavoured meatballs.

Now for the most important part of the day, any day. That first morning coffee, coffee is essential, especially when it is Brazilian coffee, hot and strong. Once I have had that it will be shower and off.

The Day Before…

Yes, it’s the day before. Tomorrow I truly become ‘o velho caduco‘ (a grouchy old man). Truly knocking on the door of ’60.’ I have so much on my plate today to prepare for the BBQ tomorrow that I won’t be blogging much.

Just waiting for the laundry lady to finish, then I have to do a serious shop at the supermarket. I’ve got so much to remember. I should write it all down, but I am a man, worse, I am a Virgo; we don’t do those sort of things… spontaneous, creativity and we forget things.

I opened a new blog yesterday. The new Things that Fizz & Stuff is open for business. So I now have here, Tomus Arcanum, Shit Happens & Eco-crap going again. I have also added my Music & Stuff page here, you’ll see the page link on the top bar. I have some music clips that I like there and I will add more… eventually.

Last night was quiet, I stayed in. I did go to the botequim, but they were watching one of these luta livre (free fight) things, instead of the news, so I got my ciggies and went home again. I hate those fight shows, puerile nonsense and I believe they are among the many reasons that we have so much violence in society today. Once again the power of television is demonstrated, and not for the common good. It is my opinion that all these violent sports, including boxing, should be banned from TV; and incidentally the Olympic games. They are neither glory nor glamorous, rather they are brutal and promote brutality.

I started to watch a movie at bedtime, The Veteran, slow and boring, switched it off and went to sleep.

The laundry lady has been and gone, I am off to have some therapy (shopping = therapy) right after this cup of coffee. Where would the world be without coffee? Do you know who we have to thank for coffee? Ethiopian goats…






Yesterday… went

Yesterday did indeed go. I’m not sure where, but the day disappeared. I was at the pc all day, determined to make WordPress work. I have it sort of figured out, but it is a bitch. Comparing WordPress with  Blogger is like comparing Linux with Windows; the former will NEVER replace the latter. They are just too ‘geeky,’ you need to know too much to make them work.

Blogger and Windows  are just so user friendly, whereas WP and Linux are way  complicated beyond the average pc user. But then after my experience with Google/Blogger, it is also the biggest most traitorous bastard of a blogging platform; a bit like Microsoft. Between Google and Microsoft they will/are controlling the world. Their aim is world domination and I am not talking about pc sales, their agenda along with the political and banker megalomaniacs is much broader than that.

Anyway, this is not my ‘bitch & froth’ blog, let’s move right along.

My day at the pc was interrupted briefly for lunch. I was invited to attend the farewell of one of my students. So I duly turned up at Sabores do Brasíl around roughly the appointed hour and had a very nice typically Brazilian lunch of feijoada, roast beef and meatballs and egg salad. After which one of the guys ran me home, right to the door. Well, botequim, actually, I felt the need for a beer after an alcohol-free lunch (all the other lunchers had to return to work). Then it was home for a nap.

An added aspect of the lunch was that I had daily seen the restaurant Sabores do Brasíl (Brazilian Flavours) on the highway when on the bus to work and the thought had passed my mind that one day I would try it. Yesterday’s lunch won’t be the last meal I have there. You can check their website, it’s in Portuguese, but it’s fun exploring another language, and even if you can’t read it, check out that photo of the meat… nom noms!

At 6:20, I watched my novela (soap opera) Cordel Encantado (Enchanted Ballad), the local news, Morde e Assopra, other novela, and the main news. Then it was back to the pc at 9pm. I caught up with the rest of the world posted the first posts on my newly opened Shit Happens blog, watched a sci-fi movie and drifted off to sleep.

So yesterday… went.

There you have my first real post of the new blog.


The Steaming Room

Yes, the room is steaming. I am seriously trying to make this infernal WordPress work, but it’s not easy.

I decided that Life is a Labyrinth should be my next blog after Eco-Crap, because I need somewhere to record my frustrations.

If it wasn’t for the coffee, I would have gone stark staring barmy already.


Anyway, welcome to my new home. I’ll do my best to lead you astray, try to keep you amused, warp your mind and generally bore you to tears with my mundane life.

If you have arrived from blogspot Labyrinth, then you’ll know why I am here. However if you are here and didn’t come from my blogspot, then click here to find out why I am here.

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