Yes, it’s the day before. Tomorrow I truly become ‘o velho caduco‘ (a grouchy old man). Truly knocking on the door of ’60.’ I have so much on my plate today to prepare for the BBQ tomorrow that I won’t be blogging much.

Just waiting for the laundry lady to finish, then I have to do a serious shop at the supermarket. I’ve got so much to remember. I should write it all down, but I am a man, worse, I am a Virgo; we don’t do those sort of things… spontaneous, creativity and we forget things.

I opened a new blog yesterday. The new Things that Fizz & Stuff is open for business. So I now have here, Tomus Arcanum, Shit Happens & Eco-crap going again. I have also added my Music & Stuff page here, you’ll see the page link on the top bar. I have some music clips that I like there and I will add more… eventually.

Last night was quiet, I stayed in. I did go to the botequim, but they were watching one of these luta livre (free fight) things, instead of the news, so I got my ciggies and went home again. I hate those fight shows, puerile nonsense and I believe they are among the many reasons that we have so much violence in society today. Once again the power of television is demonstrated, and not for the common good. It is my opinion that all these violent sports, including boxing, should be banned from TV; and incidentally the Olympic games. They are neither glory nor glamorous, rather they are brutal and promote brutality.

I started to watch a movie at bedtime, The Veteran, slow and boring, switched it off and went to sleep.

The laundry lady has been and gone, I am off to have some therapy (shopping = therapy) right after this cup of coffee. Where would the world be without coffee? Do you know who we have to thank for coffee? Ethiopian goats…