AV and student

Yes, officially there are 364 days until I do it all again.

The birthday bash is over. All went well, I managed 7 hours of BBQ for the regulars at the botequim. I have enough meat left over to do it all again; and I mat do some tonight.

The photo was taken last Friday  with my student at his farewell, not quite flattering, but the camera does usually lie, and I guess that is how others see me which is not quite the dashing image I have of myself. But then, we are all a bit like that, I suppose, unitl the brutal truth hits home.

Bohemia Camisinha

By the evenings end, 10pm, my right leg was aching and I was pleased to pack up my cutting board and knives and go home with my ‘booty.’

Yes, I got a present, in fact two. One was the cervegela (for keeping bottles of beer cold) pictured. Normally referred to colloquially as ‘camisinhas‘ (literally little shirts = condoms). Lucio has been promising me this for over two years, I never said anything, but always lived in hope. Last night I was drinking Bohemia beer and he asked me if he had ever given me the promised gift. Sheepishly he went to his car and got a glass goblet, and later went home and came back with my camisinha.

Bohemia Goblet

The glass goblet is also a prize. Lucio works for the big South American bottling company, he is a rep, so he is able to get these things easily. It’s the thought that counts.

Now, all I have to do is the dishes, freeze, what is freezable, and get ready for work. I must mention that yesterday before I BBQd I inaugurated my Nether Region of the Earth III here on WordPress. For some reason, I can’t post the link here, it freezes the page. But the link is available in the footer with my other blogs. Sorry about that.

I will make more coffee, and try to bring some sort of order to that disaster area called the kitchen.