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People born before 1946 were called The Silent generation
People born between 1946 and 1964 are called The Baby Boomers
People born between 1965 and 1979 are called Generation X
And people born between 1980 and 2010 are called Generation Y

Why do we call the last group Generation Y?

Y should I get a job?
Y should I leave home and find my own place?
Y should I get a car when I can borrow yours?
Y should I clean my room?
Y should I wash and iron my own clothes?
Y should I buy any food?


Nada, in Portuguese (and Spanish) means nothing.

Conversation after I had eaten a hamburger and had a beer at the boteqim sitting in the sun:

Me: “I’ve been doing nothing all morning.”

Raimundo Looking up from his crossword): “And this afternoon?”

Me: “I’m going to do nothing again.”

Raimundo: “Need any help?”

Calvin & Hobbes on the issue

Yes, well that has been the highlight of the day. My student rang and canceled my only class for the day. So my weekend started at 11:30am, Thursday.

So, I went to the supermarket. Shopping is such good therapy. Got home and made two hamburgers (I had to use the meat), the second I ate at the bar.

The other exciting aspect of the day was to fit a new rubber on my walking stick. So now I don’t go:step, toc, step toc…

The “toc” has become a muted “thud” again. Much more dignified.

As you get older, it’s the small things that make you happy. You begin to wonder why you’ve wasted a greater part of your life worrying about this and that, when you could have been worrying about nothing.

I have actually been blogging, not quite as industrially as I could have, but I got a few bits and pieces done.

I had a niggle about Gisele Bundchen, Brazil’s supermodel, being NOT sexy and far too scrawny for my liking. I like my women to have a bit of meat on them, you know, built for comfort not speed. But you can read about that on Shit Happens. And I had a grizzle before that on the Saudi king canceling the lashes of the woman convicted on driving. I have been threatening all day to write a post on Fizz, but so far have only got the post tab open and googled an image or two.

I wrote a bit of personal yesterday for the post on Eco-Crap, but it really belongs here as it is a bit historic, so:

My first bike – 1951 Matchless G3LS

I got my license to drive at 15 (Yes, it was legal when I was a boy) and I rolled Dad’s car beyond recognition at 16. So yes, I support better driver training.

Until I was 41 I drove everywhere. I always had a car. My cars, after motorcycles, ranged from moderate types in the early years, a thumping great noisy gas guzzling V8 before I got married to sedate family saloon types as a responsible father. I have always driven, I did it for jobs, I did it for pleasure. I drove cars, trucks, taxis, fire engines (that was fun), army tanks, bulldozers, buses, Land Rovers (off road, more fun; boys just love mud). I could pull a reconditioned V8 motor out and have it fully reconditioned and back on the road within a week, that’s better than some mechanics can do (you’d know if you ever had to have it done).

So for 26 years a greater part my life revolved around vehicles of one sort or another.

Then my life changed. The week that I turned 41 I found myself in Rio de Janeiro en route to Europe. My first destination was Madrid… I never got there. The reasons are for another story on another blog another time. (This blog actually)

For the first time in my life, I didn’t have a car. I was initially a tourist. From then on it was buses and taxis. In New Zealand I would never have considered a bus, the city services had deteriorated in frequency to way beyond pathetic. But, I found myself in a city where buses ruled, they may have been driven by retired Japanese kamikaze pilots (you have to do it to understand), but they went everywhere. If I wanted to go to Copacabana from Catete (where I stayed initially) there was a choice of buses and routes every few minutes. They were cheap, no parking, no gas to buy, etc. I discovered another world – public transport.”

There, cut and paste, that saved a lot of writing, even makes it look as though I have been busy.

One of the intentions of this blog is to have (rewrite) snippets from my life, past and present, not that there’s a lot of future left, going downhill.

Beer o’clock.


A Test…

“Here is a test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished:
If you’re alive, it isn’t.”
– Richard Bach
There’s a lot said there. Yes, we are all here for a purpose and like a flower or a butterfly, once we have completed our task, we wither and die.

If you drink, don’t blog

Many Blogs

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away… I had many blogs. Yes, I blogged on many things for about five years. That is, until Google fucked it up!

I still haven’t got over losing five years of my life, but I am trying.

I reply to a comment this week, “I could never work out how you managed to keep so many blogs.” Had me wondering the same thing. Maybe I was a little touched, maybe it was pure insanity, who knows.

I have restarted on a much more modest scale than the 15+ active blogs that I had. I currently have five and I have no desire to expand on that.

The weekend was marred by a headache, most of Saturday and part of today. No, it wasn’t the demon drink; I haven’t had a beer since Friday. Maybe that was the problem…

The boys arrived yesterday afternoon. I cooked a snack for them because the promised pizza wasn’t due for more than an hour; the delivery chap hadn’t arrived. When he did, the pizza didn’t last long, less than 10 minutes. It was a bacon and smoked sausage pizza, delicious. Yes, I know that bacon and smoked meats are carcinogenic, but old habits are hard to break. Maybe it was just the evils of processed meats balancing the goodness of sushi on Friday night.

Emerson and Erick went off to play football for the morning. I could have throttled Erick because he left his new football boots at home, so both boys played barefoot; how embarrassing… for me.

The boys were off to catch the bus and I had my customary afternoon nap.

What else can I say… I blogged.

Tomorrow is the dread of the week. Monday, need I say more?

I think I’ll take the kitty’s advice.


For the Umpteenth Time

I have opened the ‘new post’ page several times in the last three days only to get sidetracked. Now that I am here, I have about enough time to divulge that I am going out for sushi, very soon So you’re not going to get much.

Lucky Bug

I am actually going out to see if I can get as lucky as this bug.

I may be old, there may be snow on the roof, but I can assure you the fire is burning brightly in the lounge.

I must confess that I am not exactly on the ‘hunt,’ rather than hopeful of meeting a fellow sushi enthusiast who announced in her last lesson that she had the same plans for tonight as myself.


The offshoot is that she is very pretty, to the extent that she belies her age beautifully. In fact, I was stunned the first time she mentioned she had a 10 year old child; my maths came to play and I figured she would have been about… well, never mind. She doesn’t look at all her 32 years.

I usually eat sushi alone, so company would merely be very pleasant.

I haven’t confirmed yet, but one or two of the kids will be coming to stay for the weekend. So I will have company. I haven’t made any plans other than it will be pizza again on Saturday night.

Today was a quiet day off. The most strenuous activity was replacing the rubber knob on my walkingstick; the old one had worn through. Yesterday, I had one class; the student didn’t show, so after the obligatory hour I returned home. The weather is changing, quite cool now, whereas it was sunny and hot earlier when i watered the plants.

Time for a shower and application of smellies.



Do you remeber the link between these two items?


Then you’re old, just like me.

There are some simple pleasures that the younger generations will never know.

Hours of frustratingly twirling cassette tapes because it was faster than the rewind on tape decks.

Looks like I have got over the hump. Last night I discovered the ability to post images, etc had returned. I don’t know whether this is a WP problem or bandwidth, but it is frustrating nevertheless.

I have made a few posts this morning. I was too tired last night despite the jubilation (I actually said “Whoopie!” under my breath) when I discovered the image problem had been resolved. I didn’t even read my horror stories before bed. That’s why I am late posting today, I’ve been reading (and writing) about the current political crap around the world. Made a big noise about Palestine’s bid for a seat in the UN, but you can read that on Shit Happens, if you wish. I am not going to get all political on this blog.

This week is a lazy week. Started out okay, but then yesterday (Monday, oh how I love Mondays) my students informed me of training days that they had been lumbered with, and unfortunately the factory considers English lessons play second fiddle. So I am left fiddling. I have only one lesson today, tomorrow and Thursday, which means I should be able to blog a lot.

Speaking of training… I have discovered one of the mysteries of life. Yes, the internet is a wonderful source of information. The training of mothers-in-law… it begins at an early age.

Training mothers-in-law

As you can see, girls take to it with a certain relish. It would be enough to make Harry Potter cringe. But I guess we can only blame J.K. Rowling, she never allowed girls on the Quidditch teams, so they are out for revenge.

So the next time you see a cute girl, just think, some day she will be a mother-in-law and out to torment someone like yourself.

Girls, I am not being sexist here. you can do the same. Next time some flaxen haired boy smiles sweetly at you, remember he’ll probably grow up to be a slob that deserves a mother-in-law.

It’s these little philosophies that make the world go round.

I’m off to make more coffee and blog along.



Nearly wasted.

No, not me; the day. I had hoped for a whole day’s blogging to make up for dearth yesterday because I had to work, but alas, the facility to add images and links isn’t working. This happened once before, I think also on a Sunday.

So I have been waiting forlornly for the facility to return, and yet, naught.

Last time I discovered it returned about 5:30pm, I am hoping that today also it will return, but I have no guarantees. So I will blog on regardless… imageless.

No kids this weekend, because of work. Yesterday was also Emmylee’s fifth birthday. When I got home mid-evening I rang to wish her a ‘Happy Birthday’ but she was playing at Thalia’s, so Mum had to pass on a message.

After the full day away from home I was exhausted and slept, so blogging was set aside. Lunch was great. It usually is on these immersion courses. I had a fillet steak, rare, with a couple of wedges of grilled brie cheese on top with small jacket roast potatoes, that and two beers kept the wolf from the door for the afternoon’s activities.

Today, I have been marking time while the cleaning/laundry lady was here. I wasn’t watching what she was doing and she put my carton of milk (10 boxes) outside while she washed the kitchen floor. Yes, she put them in the sun… stupid cow. I couldn’t believe it. Then, wondered why two boxes had swelled and begun to leak. She cleaned the floor again and stacked the remainder in the fridge. It was only after she had gone I realised that both the leaking boxes were rancid and had to be chucked. She’ll be hearing about that next week.

I will continue here as best I can. Pity because most of my weekend posting is images. Saturday Satires and the like.

Football comes on about beer o’clock, such a coincidence…


Now, I discover that I cant’ add tags either… oh poo!

American TV

My House Geckos

House Geckoes

Yes, I have house geckos, several. They live in the bathroom, the kitchen, the lounge and my bedroom. They don’t bother me and normally scamper from sight when I switch on a light.

Not very friendly, they don’t say much; but I just noticed the one in the bathroom is getting fat. S/He’s either eating well, or I am about to have little geckos.

Oh well, the more the merrier, because they do a wonderful job with other creepy-crawlies.

Today was a ‘do-nothing’ day. My one student canceled, so I went to the supermarket for some therapy. Shopping is wonderful therapy. I was a bit miffed, several times I have seen Yakisoba as a frozen pack and today decided I would treat myself.


I looked in vain, no yakisoba, damn!

So, I needed more therapy. Called a taxi and went to Katsuo again for sushi. I waddled home like a pregnant duck.

It is nearly bedtime, but I am waiting until midnight when I will post the Make You Fink on Friday post on Eco-Crap.

In the meantime you have the pleasure of my company.

I have to work this Saturday. The course has decided to have an immersion day and then decided I should be there. Typically, they have told me nothing. Not who, not what level, not why; just the when. So it looks like it will be another ‘cold-turkey’ of the cuff affair. Lucky for them I can do it. But it has come during a month when my hours are way down, so the extra cash will be great; and I get a free lunch.

There was something else I was going to prattle on about, but I thought about it yesterday and have promptly forgotten it. I really must get myself a white board for the wall so I can make notes.

That’s about all you’re going to get from me today.


Here I sit…

…lonely hearted, tried to shit and only farted! That’s how the schoolboy rhyme went. We used to think it was a hoot when we were kids. Now with changes in the language and the more frequent use of such words, I guess it’s lost its potency.

How I feel today

I don’t know why, But I am dead tired today. I feel a bit like the guy on the right. I went out for dinner last night after class, I was lucky my new student gave a lift right to the restaurant. I woke several times during the night with a whoosie tummy or jelly belly. Nothing has come from it and now at 1pm I am still the same. I have to go to work at 3, so I am hoping that it will have passed.

Apart from the BBQ last night, not a lot has happened that I would put in the “exciting” basket. In fact life has been decidedly unexciting the last 24 hours.

I should go an wash the dishes… that would be the highlight of my day.


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