Yes, that’s what I feel like.

But then a good wine gets older with age.

So there is a good side.

I read once where a woman who learned that a man was like a good wine and got better as he got older… locked him in the cellar.

I have had a busy day. I have learned some more things about WP. Some things that were so obvious, I just wasn’t looking in the right places. Also, I have been updating my about pages. I haven’t got here yet, but I have done Tomus Arcanum, Eco-Crap and Things that Fizz and Stuff. So I have been busy. I put the links there in the event that there wasn’t enough drivel written here to satisfy your daily quota. I have added my avatar to all the blogs, so it should start to appear soon.

I am writing this while waiting for lunch to cook. Yes, a home made pepperoni pizza is in the oven. Whatever is left unsaid after the next 15 minutes will be left unsaid.

My “o” has stopped working. Well, it works, but not with just a casual poke like it used to. Now I have to make a concentrated effort to punch the bloody key, or go back over the text and add the missing o’s.

Hmmm, that pizza is smelling good here.

I have mulched my compost and filled an old 50 gallon bucket that had cracks in the bottom. So today, I transplanted a tomato plant, 3x passionfruit vines, and a couple of chili plants. So I am hopeful. Once the tomato des it’s thing, assuming it will survive my brutal handling… I have a couple of goiaba (guava) seedlings t take it’s place.

One could say the day has been ‘fruitful.’

I was supposed to go to an opening this morning at 11:30. The praça (park) in the next street has been remodeled and the official opening was today. I remembered at 1:30pm. Oh well, I’m sure the mayor never missed me; his loss.

It’s ‘go-and-check-on-the-pizza’ time. If that’s ready, then it is beer o’clock.