The French Baron

Yes, Sunday lunch with the Baron… the Baron d’Arignac to be precise.

Beef Cutlet - mine was thicker

A wonderful Moelleux, not too dry. The perfect partner for an inch thick beef cutlet, buttered boiled potatoes, savoury cabbage and a rich homemade gravy.

The French really know how to complement a meal.

After the excitement yesterday of mulching my compost, I am having my reward today. I have planned to do nothing and I fully expect success once again.

I have been at the keyboard since 6am, and while I haven’t posted on all blogs yet, I have managed my first Caturday on my new Nether Region III yesterday and another post today, I posted a remembrance on Tomus Arcanum being a year on Saturday since Christchurch, my home town, started shaking to the tune of Mother Nature, a shaking which damaged the city which was later basically demolished by three later quakes during the year. Just last week, they had another 4.9 tremor. It seems like there is no end to the aftershocks. As I said to Mum last night on the phone, I have the trepidation that there is another big one lurking in the wings. I have also written my Monday Moaning post for Eco-Crap, it’s a doozy, so don’t miss it.

My day will be complete after a nap; by which time it will be football at beer ‘clock (although, today the Baron may well accompany me).

In the words of Mel Brooks… “It’s good to be the king!”