Dia de Independéncia

Indeed, while I had the best of intentions to blog-till-I-dropped yestareday. It didn’t happen. Instead, I rang my ex and arranged to take the eldest shopping, he needs new sneakers.

Yesterday was Independence Day here in Brazil, the town was empty as people got involved with Independence Day thingies, parades and the like.

So I took the opportunity of no school to take Emerson to lunch and do some shopping after. Lunch for me was tongue and gravy followed by a lemon meringue pie, but not without problems. The restaurant had changed to plastic (sooo tacky) dessert plates and I put on my ‘green’ crusaders cape and went for broke. You can read about that in the UPDATE on Eco-Crap.

My 4gb pen-drive

Our first port of call was a large store that was having a sale. I wanted a new pen-drive and they had a 4gb for half price. That was where the fun started. At the checkout, I had my pen-drive and two packs of alkaline batteries, total R$24.97. The screen read that my change of the 50 should be R$25.03. Now Brazil doesn’t have one cent coins any more and I joked initially with the cashier about my change; knowing full well that none would be forthcoming. However, things turned red when she announced that the store policy doesn’t allow the change in such a case. The law regarding this matter is that they have to give change to the nearest 5 centavos. I demanded my rights; I wanted my change. Again she refused calling on the store policy; I told her to call the management while I called ProCon (the consumer rights group here). At this she balked and gave me the change of 5 centavos with a scowl on her face. I won! Isn’t bluff a wonderful thing?

Emerson wasn’t present at this exchange, like any 17 year old waiting in a long line in the store was boring, so he was waiting for me outside the store. I told him about it and he admitted that he wouldn’t have the balls to do that.

We went to look for shoes. The first store was closed. The second store was closing and wouldn’t allow us in, The third store was overpriced. So off we went to the camelôdromo (popular market) behind the bus station. Damn, I have never seen it closed before. Emerson was deflated, no new sneakers today. With all the walking I was beat and my leg was quite sore (remember, I use a walking stick), I told him not to panic, another day. I put him on a bus home and went home myself.

I was so beat, that I decided a nap was in order. I woke some 4 hours later, at 7pm, totally disorientated, wondering if it was morning or night; it was confusing because there were still voices from the botequim. Once I had my compass orientated, I watch the news and soaps, read some political stuff and went to the bar in time for the Wednesday football match.

So that’s why you didn’t get a post yesterday. I hope today to have my day blogging. Because all my students have abandoned me and my next class is Monday.