Cordel Encantado - A period soap

Yesterday was another disaster. There I was sitting in my underpants (as I oft do – don’t try to visualise this, it will only cause you grief) planning a full day’s blogging which I had had a good start, then WordPress or my ISP (I don’t know which) wouldn’t allow me to post. I could read blogs and load the new post thingy, but I could do anything with it. Hence, one totally wasted blogging day. The service returned about 5:30pm. I did some reading then my soap started; sorry, but you play second fiddle to my soaps.

It was during the soap that I had a terrible thought. Some time ago a student had told me about a Japanese restaurant nearby. It was confirmed by another student, who also warned me that it was expensive, but good.

My terrible thought… sushi!

Yes, I showered, changed, put on some smellies and called a taxi which took an age to arrive; more than a half an hour.

Take me to Katsuo. It was there that I found a wonderfully quiet restaurant in a residential neighbourhood. I had three rounds of rodízio (that’s where they just keep serving as much as you can eat for a set price), three long neck, Bohemia of course, and waddled out like a pregnant duck some two hours later with my pocket R$76 lighter (that’s about USD50).

Oh, my student was right, it was excellent.

So on my arrival home further thoughts of blogging went by the board. My only desire was a Sonrisal (Brazilian Alka Selzer) and bed.

I slept fitfully, indeed my eyes are still blurry at 9am, despite three mugs of strong coffee. Can you imagine the difficulty in blogging with two of every key to press.

Today the kids, Erick and Ellen are coming to stay the night. Erick is playing soccer again and Ellen will have another revision of her school English. So it is here I sit with my blurry eyes waiting the phone call to go and pick them up from the bus station.