…lonely hearted, tried to shit and only farted! That’s how the schoolboy rhyme went. We used to think it was a hoot when we were kids. Now with changes in the language and the more frequent use of such words, I guess it’s lost its potency.

How I feel today

I don’t know why, But I am dead tired today. I feel a bit like the guy on the right. I went out for dinner last night after class, I was lucky my new student gave a lift right to the restaurant. I woke several times during the night with a whoosie tummy or jelly belly. Nothing has come from it and now at 1pm I am still the same. I have to go to work at 3, so I am hoping that it will have passed.

Apart from the BBQ last night, not a lot has happened that I would put in the “exciting” basket. In fact life has been decidedly unexciting the last 24 hours.

I should go an wash the dishes… that would be the highlight of my day.