House Geckoes

Yes, I have house geckos, several. They live in the bathroom, the kitchen, the lounge and my bedroom. They don’t bother me and normally scamper from sight when I switch on a light.

Not very friendly, they don’t say much; but I just noticed the one in the bathroom is getting fat. S/He’s either eating well, or I am about to have little geckos.

Oh well, the more the merrier, because they do a wonderful job with other creepy-crawlies.

Today was a ‘do-nothing’ day. My one student canceled, so I went to the supermarket for some therapy. Shopping is wonderful therapy. I was a bit miffed, several times I have seen Yakisoba as a frozen pack and today decided I would treat myself.


I looked in vain, no yakisoba, damn!

So, I needed more therapy. Called a taxi and went to Katsuo again for sushi. I waddled home like a pregnant duck.

It is nearly bedtime, but I am waiting until midnight when I will post the Make You Fink on Friday post on Eco-Crap.

In the meantime you have the pleasure of my company.

I have to work this Saturday. The course has decided to have an immersion day and then decided I should be there. Typically, they have told me nothing. Not who, not what level, not why; just the when. So it looks like it will be another ‘cold-turkey’ of the cuff affair. Lucky for them I can do it. But it has come during a month when my hours are way down, so the extra cash will be great; and I get a free lunch.

There was something else I was going to prattle on about, but I thought about it yesterday and have promptly forgotten it. I really must get myself a white board for the wall so I can make notes.

That’s about all you’re going to get from me today.