Nearly wasted.

No, not me; the day. I had hoped for a whole day’s blogging to make up for dearth yesterday because I had to work, but alas, the facility to add images and links isn’t working. This happened once before, I think also on a Sunday.

So I have been waiting forlornly for the facility to return, and yet, naught.

Last time I discovered it returned about 5:30pm, I am hoping that today also it will return, but I have no guarantees. So I will blog on regardless… imageless.

No kids this weekend, because of work. Yesterday was also Emmylee’s fifth birthday. When I got home mid-evening I rang to wish her a ‘Happy Birthday’ but she was playing at Thalia’s, so Mum had to pass on a message.

After the full day away from home I was exhausted and slept, so blogging was set aside. Lunch was great. It usually is on these immersion courses. I had a fillet steak, rare, with a couple of wedges of grilled brie cheese on top with small jacket roast potatoes, that and two beers kept the wolf from the door for the afternoon’s activities.

Today, I have been marking time while the cleaning/laundry lady was here. I wasn’t watching what she was doing and she put my carton of milk (10 boxes) outside while she washed the kitchen floor. Yes, she put them in the sun… stupid cow. I couldn’t believe it. Then, wondered why two boxes had swelled and begun to leak. She cleaned the floor again and stacked the remainder in the fridge. It was only after she had gone I realised that both the leaking boxes were rancid and had to be chucked. She’ll be hearing about that next week.

I will continue here as best I can. Pity because most of my weekend posting is images. Saturday Satires and the like.

Football comes on about beer o’clock, such a coincidence…


Now, I discover that I cant’ add tags either… oh poo!