Do you remeber the link between these two items?


Then you’re old, just like me.

There are some simple pleasures that the younger generations will never know.

Hours of frustratingly twirling cassette tapes because it was faster than the rewind on tape decks.

Looks like I have got over the hump. Last night I discovered the ability to post images, etc had returned. I don’t know whether this is a WP problem or bandwidth, but it is frustrating nevertheless.

I have made a few posts this morning. I was too tired last night despite the jubilation (I actually said “Whoopie!” under my breath) when I discovered the image problem had been resolved. I didn’t even read my horror stories before bed. That’s why I am late posting today, I’ve been reading (and writing) about the current political crap around the world. Made a big noise about Palestine’s bid for a seat in the UN, but you can read that on Shit Happens, if you wish. I am not going to get all political on this blog.

This week is a lazy week. Started out okay, but then yesterday (Monday, oh how I love Mondays) my students informed me of training days that they had been lumbered with, and unfortunately the factory considers English lessons play second fiddle. So I am left fiddling. I have only one lesson today, tomorrow and Thursday, which means I should be able to blog a lot.

Speaking of training… I have discovered one of the mysteries of life. Yes, the internet is a wonderful source of information. The training of mothers-in-law… it begins at an early age.

Training mothers-in-law

As you can see, girls take to it with a certain relish. It would be enough to make Harry Potter cringe. But I guess we can only blame J.K. Rowling, she never allowed girls on the Quidditch teams, so they are out for revenge.

So the next time you see a cute girl, just think, some day she will be a mother-in-law and out to torment someone like yourself.

Girls, I am not being sexist here. you can do the same. Next time some flaxen haired boy smiles sweetly at you, remember he’ll probably grow up to be a slob that deserves a mother-in-law.

It’s these little philosophies that make the world go round.

I’m off to make more coffee and blog along.