I have opened the ‘new post’ page several times in the last three days only to get sidetracked. Now that I am here, I have about enough time to divulge that I am going out for sushi, very soon So you’re not going to get much.

Lucky Bug

I am actually going out to see if I can get as lucky as this bug.

I may be old, there may be snow on the roof, but I can assure you the fire is burning brightly in the lounge.

I must confess that I am not exactly on the ‘hunt,’ rather than hopeful of meeting a fellow sushi enthusiast who announced in her last lesson that she had the same plans for tonight as myself.


The offshoot is that she is very pretty, to the extent that she belies her age beautifully. In fact, I was stunned the first time she mentioned she had a 10 year old child; my maths came to play and I figured she would have been about… well, never mind. She doesn’t look at all her 32 years.

I usually eat sushi alone, so company would merely be very pleasant.

I haven’t confirmed yet, but one or two of the kids will be coming to stay for the weekend. So I will have company. I haven’t made any plans other than it will be pizza again on Saturday night.

Today was a quiet day off. The most strenuous activity was replacing the rubber knob on my walkingstick; the old one had worn through. Yesterday, I had one class; the student didn’t show, so after the obligatory hour I returned home. The weather is changing, quite cool now, whereas it was sunny and hot earlier when i watered the plants.

Time for a shower and application of smellies.