Many Blogs

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away… I had many blogs. Yes, I blogged on many things for about five years. That is, until Google fucked it up!

I still haven’t got over losing five years of my life, but I am trying.

I reply to a comment this week, “I could never work out how you managed to keep so many blogs.” Had me wondering the same thing. Maybe I was a little touched, maybe it was pure insanity, who knows.

I have restarted on a much more modest scale than the 15+ active blogs that I had. I currently have five and I have no desire to expand on that.

The weekend was marred by a headache, most of Saturday and part of today. No, it wasn’t the demon drink; I haven’t had a beer since Friday. Maybe that was the problem…

The boys arrived yesterday afternoon. I cooked a snack for them because the promised pizza wasn’t due for more than an hour; the delivery chap hadn’t arrived. When he did, the pizza didn’t last long, less than 10 minutes. It was a bacon and smoked sausage pizza, delicious. Yes, I know that bacon and smoked meats are carcinogenic, but old habits are hard to break. Maybe it was just the evils of processed meats balancing the goodness of sushi on Friday night.

Emerson and Erick went off to play football for the morning. I could have throttled Erick because he left his new football boots at home, so both boys played barefoot; how embarrassing… for me.

The boys were off to catch the bus and I had my customary afternoon nap.

What else can I say… I blogged.

Tomorrow is the dread of the week. Monday, need I say more?

I think I’ll take the kitty’s advice.