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All Hallows E’en

Demons and Ghouls

Yes, it rolls around fast. Halloween already.

Halloween is not a part of my culture, when we were kids we had Guy Fawkes on 5th November.

But one can’t let the event go unmentioned, so

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is like all the other celebrations, Christmas, Easter and the like, it has become a time for businessmen and shopkeepers to rub their hands together with glee at the anticipation of all the gullible fools buying the crap they peddle. The origins and meaning of the festival are forgotten, the kids are no longer taught the truth in school, parents lash out heavily for parties and costumes; it’s all so meaningless.

I honestly wonder at the religious right. The celebrate Christmas and Easter (probably not Halloween so much) and yet these are pagan festivals disguised as Christian events. Strikes me as being a bit on the hypocritical side of things.

Found out an interesting fact today, actually I had heard quite some time ago, I was reminded of it today. The USA is not even a country, it’s a Crown Colony of England despite what Americans are taught in schools about Independence and the war against the British. I posted an interesting and revealing video clip on Tomus Arcanum about it. The president is nothing but an employee of the Queen, even through the façade that he is elected by the people.

See, life is a labyrinth.

Dark, dull and raining on and off today. One class, went and no student, so I went to the supermarket for therapy. Had a nice browse through the wine racks. I have one further class but for that I need go no further than the botequim (bar next door).

I put a roast on late, I am hopeful that it will be ready before the lesson and I am hungry. Don’t like drinking beer on an empty stomach.

I have posted several posts today, multiples on some blogs. Been quite busy, and I have more to do after class, or tomorrow… depends on on how much we imbibe during class.

Must off and see to the roast.



The Middle of my Weekend

Yes, Saturday is the middle of my weekend.I have decided that as a stately gentleman of 60, one should have the luxury of three-day weekends. Mine starts on Friday as my last lessons for the week are Thursday night.

So, what have I done this weekend?

Yesterday, nothing; today (so far), nothing; plans for tomorrow, nothing and I expect it to be a successful weekend.

G 'n' T

I include blogging in the nothing category. Nothing actually implies anything out of the ordinary. I will have to go water my plants they are wilting in the sun and low humidity. Yesterday we got the rain that has been promised since last Monday. It was so brief and so little that I could almost count every raindrop. So much for thunderstorms today as well, hot and dry. Having said that, I need a gin & tonic as I am having a beerless weekend.

Sometime in the next two days, at least it has been estimated that it will happened before Monday, 31st October. The world will have gained its 7,000,000,000th person. I find that rather startling, the exponential growth of the human species is a disaster for mankind.

In just 12 years we have added another billion



I read recently that the planet can support a maximum of 500 million and retain its sustainability; i.e. Mother Nature’s balance. But we have interfered with her equation to such an extent that we have doomed ourselves to extinction. Yes, our extinction is no longer a matter of maybe, it is guaranteed. How have we unbalanced the scales so much? Simply we do not let people die. People (and some very notable scientists amongst them) have said the birthrate is too high. That’s pure unadulterated bollocks, the birthrate is perfect; Mother Nature designed that so it is perfect. What man has done behind Mother nature’s back has been to extend the life of many individuals so that less people are dying than she planned.

Have you ever wondered why we have global warming, worsening hurricanes, more earthquakes, resistant diseases and the like? Mother Nature is trying to balance the equation.

Imagine that the planet is like a dog, we are the fleas and Mother Nature is simply having a good scratch.

John Smith to Morpheus in Matrix

You want another analogy:

I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species, and I realised that humans are not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans do not. Instead you multiply, and multiply, until every resource is consumed. The only way for you to survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern… a virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer on this planet, you are a plague, and we… are the cure.

I happen to think that is so true, mankind is the virus on this planet.

I think I need another G & T

Death overtakes us all, in the end

Boys ponder a dead pigeon

I was reminded yesterday during a conversation with Beatrice of death. Beatrice is six, she’s my neighbour; such a young age to be talking of the finality of death.

One of the most difficult things I have ever had to do in my life was to explain to my three and five year old daughters why their rabbits and guinea pigs had been slaughtered by neighbourhood dogs who tore into their run.

I couldn’t prevent their young eyes from the disaster, it was they who discovered the carnage. I am sure that the sight of broken bodies, blood and fur have remained with them all their lives. Try as we do, we cannot hide children from death. Its ugliness is with us daily, whether in life or the news.

Yet we fear death, we try to run from it; but no matter how hard we run, how fast, death catches us all in the end. Running is futile. The only thing we can do to cheat death, is to leave a footprint for all time to see.

Split Days

I hate shit, ah split days. No, I was right the first time, shit days. They give me time for nothing. Yesterday was another of those ‘canceled’ days, one that just seemed to slip off the calendar. I managed to do justice to a CTWW post and throw a video up on my Nether Region, but that was it. I had to go into town before work and check with the rental agency, then I went to get some ground white pepper from the only place that I know that has bulk ground white pepper and guess what, NO freakin’ ground white pepper, and no idea when they will have it again. Van to work, work, bus to supermarket for some therapy, therapy… Oh, I love shopping, all those bottles of wine I can’t afford, home, put away my therapy. Eat turkey salad sandwich made in  half a French roll for lunch, watch news. Nap, deal with diarrhea from damned sandwich  and back to work…..

All the above was done in 35+⁰C (about 95F).

The forecast was for tropical storm in the afternoon. Weather forecasters never get it right. Tropical storm clouds gathered, then went home. Today the forecast is again for said tropical storm in the afternoon, let’s see if they can get it right this time. Looking out the window (I haven’t opened the front door yet), it appears as though it will be hot enough to generate the clouds again.

Then I saw this… “Normal is just a knob on the washing machine.” I love that.

One of my students sent me this:

The four bottles if life… I figure that I am still somewhere between 3 & 4. Like I haven’t finished three yet, but I see 4 looming on the horizon. Actually, that’s not totally true. Yesterday I did a test from the exercise book with the same student. It was a body age vs calendar age thing. Despite my being 60 and my debauched lifestyle, my body is only 53… Okay, so maybe I lied with one question, should be 54. But that’s not too bad for a lad of my age. I had to laugh at his result, he is 28 but his lifestyle dictates that his body is already 31. So I had the last laugh.

Time for shower and see what the day brings.


So, what now?

Yes, we do.

It’s Tuesday – oh, you knew that…

Once again, my two daytime students have canceled, one because he has a technical test and the other overwork. So I am, once again, left with my evening student.

The most exciting thing I have done is sweep up the hurricane left by the kids over the weekend. Then, I peeled two big potatoes for lunch.

The sports news on TV just now had quite an item on NZ rugby and our (I am an ex-pat) success against the French. To get any news about sports like rugby or cricket on Brazilian TV is like looking for rocking horse poo; so it was quite a surprise, nay, a shock really. Now the main news has started…


Well, that was lunch, watered the plants… I lead such an exciting life.

So, I had a nap; and now it’s nearly that time when I should be giving serious consideration to work. However, I have another plan. If it works, I can give my student his lesson in the bar next door. Today is mainly correcting his homework, so a little lubrication may well be in order on this hot, hot afternoon. The forecast was for thunderstorms, no sign yet, but in Rio the summer storms can appear very quickly.


The Hurricane

Well, here we are, Monday morning again. I had opened this page and written the title last night with all the best of intentions of giving you some quality drivel in which to wile away the dreary hours of Sunday, but alas, it was not to be. You see, after the kids left, I fell asleep; a much needed sleep and upon waking decided that a leisurely BBQ dinner was in order. I’m afraid that enticement left you all in the lurch.

Saturday and Sunday were like a hurricane, three kids in a small house, only one PC; not a recipe for peace and harmony. It went well, but I discovered that my digital camera has decided that it doesn’t want to be a digital camera anymore; so that left one diversion less. Give the girls (12 & 5) the camera, point them at the park, and they only return to replace the batteries, or the memory is full. So there’s another unexpected project for me… a new digital camera. Sigh.

I found this and thought it appropriate

I had planned lunch with them on Saturday. But messages got mixed and I ended up spending two hours waiting in the bus station twiddling my thumbs before they finally arrived too late for lunch, so we went home and later went out for pizza; which is always a guaranteed success, because lunch would have involved vegetables.

The house looks like a disaster area. The girls decided to play cut-out, now the floor is littered with shards of cardboard, stickytape stuck to the floor and the remains of a large glass of Ovalmaltine that I managed to spill before taking a sip; at least I wiped that up and I should really be attacking the kids mess but the attraction of blogging is greater, I can manage to ignore the maelstrom around me.

While I was denied access to my PC I did manage to transplant some self grown passionfruit plants from my compost heap into the garden, did some weeding and tried to make the front yard look acceptable.

Saturday afternoon with many hands available I reorganised the living room to fit the new secondhand sofa. So at least something constructive was achieved, while this means that I have seating for two more, there is less floor to sweep.

Proof that it is Monday… two students have canceled. Next lesson, this evening. I forgot to put the top on the coffee thermos flask, now my fresh coffee is cold.


Not only men…

Even horses fall asleep after sex…


Bugger Daylight Savings Time!

Daylight Savings Time, Summer Time, Hora de verão, whatever you call it… Bugger it!

I feel as though I have been unplugged.

That combined with one of my students requiring different hours than those that are compatible with my leisure life have mad my last week miserable. I am working split days until the beginning of December; I hate split days!

DST never used to bother me, but starting last year and now this year, it has unsettled me. I just can’t get organised, hence, I have been lax at posting here and on some of my other blogs. Even Foul Bachelor Frog got posted a day late, so he’s suffered as well.

I am trying to cook lunch, eat it on the hoof, get this posted and get ready to go back to work at the same time. Who says only girls can multi-task?

Here’s something to think about:

If a train stops at a train station… and a bus stops at a bus station… what happens at a work station?


Life… Can hit bottom


OMGIM is the opposite, or the antonym of TGIF, you figure it out.

It’s raining, I have to go to work, I am going to get wet. Things like this always happen on a Monday.

One student rang me and canceled; Bless her cotton socks. I have 20 minutes in which my next student can ring me and do the same, which means I can stay warm and dry and make more coffee. But, of course, it’s Monday and that’s just not going to happen, is it?

Yesterday it rained as well. We had a Kid’s Party in the neighbourhood at the recently opened park just around the corner from the park where I live, so I went and had a nosy to see what was going on. Actually, I went for the free cake. The rain dampened the kids, but it didn’t, couldn’t dampen their spirits. There were hundreds of kids and their parents running around in the rain and hiding under umbrellas.

One of the favourite rides was the bull riding with kids getting tossed left right and centre.

The park is more aimed at sports and fitness than the one where I live. Our praça has a football/basketball court, but is mainly for meeting people and has a kids playground. The new one, which is only 3 minutes walk away, has an artificial grass football ground, seperate basketball court and exercise equipment for oldies like me.

So a good, if wet, time was had by all.

Well, that has taken me to the time limit for work.


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