Hello, my name is AV. It has been three days, since I have blogged…

Not my fault.

In the middle of an Eco-Crap post my server decided to shut the system down to do some technical maintenance.

It was an hour before I decided to ring them, thinking that it may be my system (it often is) to confirm that it was them.

Conversation went a bit like this:

Me; “Any idea when it might return?”

He: “Later.”

Me: Any closer guess?”

He: “Much later.”

Me: “Hmmmm,” Click; demonstrating that one was not amused.

So I thought, sod you lot, and changed PCs to one that doesn’t have wi fi card. Managed to get it up and running, which has proved elusively erratic  in the past. And set about saving some files to CD and pendrive. Making hay while the sun was shining… ran out of CDs.

Having been able to make the old PC grunt, I was loathe to turn it off, so I didn’t. I spent all Friday (brought more CDs) doing the same thing. Then my DVD Rom decided it didn’t want to behave like a DVD Rom. If this had happened on a Monday, it would have been fully explainable and justifiable, but it was a Friday.

Friday night (yesterday) I switched back over and I had the net and sound (other PC doesn’t like sound) and caught up on what has been happening in the world. 11pm watched the first half of a lacklustre game of football between Brazil and Costa Rica. Only one serious attempt at goal by Brazil and none by Costa Rica in the whole 45 minutes… bed.

This morning, I had to go to Barra for a teachers’ meeting. Got there, no meeting! Wednesday they told me there was a meeting, somebody forgot to tell me between times that now there wasn’t.


NOT a happy camper.

Home, supermarket for some therapy (shopping) bought a new bottle of gin. Had big subway-type sandwich from supermarket and three quick gin & tonics, time for a nap.

So there you have three days off. Bugger!

Now I have a shitload of blogging to catch up on.

I’m thinking about it….