What the hell happened to Tuesday?

The image is right, life is about attitude.

The whole idea of is the glass half empty or is it half full… I don’t give a shit! If you have to ask that question then you don’t realise there is room for more beer.

You are letting life pass without seeing the purpose.

Now… a small commercial break while I eat the tomato (fresh from the garden) and bacon pizza I have just taken out of the oven. BRB.

Wuz delishus. (I speak LOLCat)

Nossa Senhora da Aparecida

Today is important here in Brazil for a number of reasons. Firstly, today is Dia das Crianças (Children’s Day), also today is the day for Nossa Senhora da Aparecida (Our Lady Aparecida); if you’re not a Catholic (I’m not) it’s a day when thousands around Brazil go chasing after a small statue. Thirdly, it is the 80th birthday of Cristo Redentor (the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer). So everybody has a holiday, a day off work whether you are a Catholic or not. In my case the most important aspect of today is that I lose R$100 of my salary, no lessons, no pay, less beer.

I did stay up late last night and watched the ‘friendly’ between Brazil and Mexico. Initially it looked grim for Brazil going into the second half 1-0 to Mexico, but two quick goals and Brazil was in the lead and stayed there despite having a player red carded.

It has now become stifling, although there are clouds in the sky, it is hot. I am sweating over the keyboard, which is a pretty good sign that it is beer o’clock. I should go and see if the glass is half full, or half empty.