OMGIM is the opposite, or the antonym of TGIF, you figure it out.

It’s raining, I have to go to work, I am going to get wet. Things like this always happen on a Monday.

One student rang me and canceled; Bless her cotton socks. I have 20 minutes in which my next student can ring me and do the same, which means I can stay warm and dry and make more coffee. But, of course, it’s Monday and that’s just not going to happen, is it?

Yesterday it rained as well. We had a Kid’s Party in the neighbourhood at the recently opened park just around the corner from the park where I live, so I went and had a nosy to see what was going on. Actually, I went for the free cake. The rain dampened the kids, but it didn’t, couldn’t dampen their spirits. There were hundreds of kids and their parents running around in the rain and hiding under umbrellas.

One of the favourite rides was the bull riding with kids getting tossed left right and centre.

The park is more aimed at sports and fitness than the one where I live. Our praça has a football/basketball court, but is mainly for meeting people and has a kids playground. The new one, which is only 3 minutes walk away, has an artificial grass football ground, seperate basketball court and exercise equipment for oldies like me.

So a good, if wet, time was had by all.

Well, that has taken me to the time limit for work.