Well, here we are, Monday morning again. I had opened this page and written the title last night with all the best of intentions of giving you some quality drivel in which to wile away the dreary hours of Sunday, but alas, it was not to be. You see, after the kids left, I fell asleep; a much needed sleep and upon waking decided that a leisurely BBQ dinner was in order. I’m afraid that enticement left you all in the lurch.

Saturday and Sunday were like a hurricane, three kids in a small house, only one PC; not a recipe for peace and harmony. It went well, but I discovered that my digital camera has decided that it doesn’t want to be a digital camera anymore; so that left one diversion less. Give the girls (12 & 5) the camera, point them at the park, and they only return to replace the batteries, or the memory is full. So there’s another unexpected project for me… a new digital camera. Sigh.

I found this and thought it appropriate

I had planned lunch with them on Saturday. But messages got mixed and I ended up spending two hours waiting in the bus station twiddling my thumbs before they finally arrived too late for lunch, so we went home and later went out for pizza; which is always a guaranteed success, because lunch would have involved vegetables.

The house looks like a disaster area. The girls decided to play cut-out, now the floor is littered with shards of cardboard, stickytape stuck to the floor and the remains of a large glass of Ovalmaltine that I managed to spill before taking a sip; at least I wiped that up and I should really be attacking the kids mess but the attraction of blogging is greater, I can manage to ignore the maelstrom around me.

While I was denied access to my PC I did manage to transplant some self grown passionfruit plants from my compost heap into the garden, did some weeding and tried to make the front yard look acceptable.

Saturday afternoon with many hands available I reorganised the living room to fit the new secondhand sofa. So at least something constructive was achieved, while this means that I have seating for two more, there is less floor to sweep.

Proof that it is Monday… two students have canceled. Next lesson, this evening. I forgot to put the top on the coffee thermos flask, now my fresh coffee is cold.