Yes, we do.

It’s Tuesday – oh, you knew that…

Once again, my two daytime students have canceled, one because he has a technical test and the other overwork. So I am, once again, left with my evening student.

The most exciting thing I have done is sweep up the hurricane left by the kids over the weekend. Then, I peeled two big potatoes for lunch.

The sports news on TV just now had quite an item on NZ rugby and our (I am an ex-pat) success against the French. To get any news about sports like rugby or cricket on Brazilian TV is like looking for rocking horse poo; so it was quite a surprise, nay, a shock really. Now the main news has started…


Well, that was lunch, watered the plants… I lead such an exciting life.

So, I had a nap; and now it’s nearly that time when I should be giving serious consideration to work. However, I have another plan. If it works, I can give my student his lesson in the bar next door. Today is mainly correcting his homework, so a little lubrication may well be in order on this hot, hot afternoon. The forecast was for thunderstorms, no sign yet, but in Rio the summer storms can appear very quickly.