I hate shit, ah split days. No, I was right the first time, shit days. They give me time for nothing. Yesterday was another of those ‘canceled’ days, one that just seemed to slip off the calendar. I managed to do justice to a CTWW post and throw a video up on my Nether Region, but that was it. I had to go into town before work and check with the rental agency, then I went to get some ground white pepper from the only place that I know that has bulk ground white pepper and guess what, NO freakin’ ground white pepper, and no idea when they will have it again. Van to work, work, bus to supermarket for some therapy, therapy… Oh, I love shopping, all those bottles of wine I can’t afford, home, put away my therapy. Eat turkey salad sandwich made in  half a French roll for lunch, watch news. Nap, deal with diarrhea from damned sandwich  and back to work…..

All the above was done in 35+⁰C (about 95F).

The forecast was for tropical storm in the afternoon. Weather forecasters never get it right. Tropical storm clouds gathered, then went home. Today the forecast is again for said tropical storm in the afternoon, let’s see if they can get it right this time. Looking out the window (I haven’t opened the front door yet), it appears as though it will be hot enough to generate the clouds again.

Then I saw this… “Normal is just a knob on the washing machine.” I love that.

One of my students sent me this:

The four bottles if life… I figure that I am still somewhere between 3 & 4. Like I haven’t finished three yet, but I see 4 looming on the horizon. Actually, that’s not totally true. Yesterday I did a test from the exercise book with the same student. It was a body age vs calendar age thing. Despite my being 60 and my debauched lifestyle, my body is only 53… Okay, so maybe I lied with one question, should be 54. But that’s not too bad for a lad of my age. I had to laugh at his result, he is 28 but his lifestyle dictates that his body is already 31. So I had the last laugh.

Time for shower and see what the day brings.