Demons and Ghouls

Yes, it rolls around fast. Halloween already.

Halloween is not a part of my culture, when we were kids we had Guy Fawkes on 5th November.

But one can’t let the event go unmentioned, so

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is like all the other celebrations, Christmas, Easter and the like, it has become a time for businessmen and shopkeepers to rub their hands together with glee at the anticipation of all the gullible fools buying the crap they peddle. The origins and meaning of the festival are forgotten, the kids are no longer taught the truth in school, parents lash out heavily for parties and costumes; it’s all so meaningless.

I honestly wonder at the religious right. The celebrate Christmas and Easter (probably not Halloween so much) and yet these are pagan festivals disguised as Christian events. Strikes me as being a bit on the hypocritical side of things.

Found out an interesting fact today, actually I had heard quite some time ago, I was reminded of it today. The USA is not even a country, it’s a Crown Colony of England despite what Americans are taught in schools about Independence and the war against the British. I posted an interesting and revealing video clip on Tomus Arcanum about it. The president is nothing but an employee of the Queen, even through the façade that he is elected by the people.

See, life is a labyrinth.

Dark, dull and raining on and off today. One class, went and no student, so I went to the supermarket for therapy. Had a nice browse through the wine racks. I have one further class but for that I need go no further than the botequim (bar next door).

I put a roast on late, I am hopeful that it will be ready before the lesson and I am hungry. Don’t like drinking beer on an empty stomach.

I have posted several posts today, multiples on some blogs. Been quite busy, and I have more to do after class, or tomorrow… depends on on how much we imbibe during class.

Must off and see to the roast.