I had three large haddock fillets in the freezer and I had decided to defrost the fridge before the polar bears came out to attack during the night.

So lunch was preordained:

Poached Haddock.

That was simple, fillets (still frozen) into an oven dish, cover with milk, sprinkle a little salt and black pepper, add what was left of a jar of stuffed olives, sprinkle on some chopped parsley and dribble some olive oil over the lot. I added four centimetre thick slices of pumpkin on top as well.

Into the oven, and 20 minutes later… Lunch.


Haddock Bisque

I took the preserved stock (poaching liquid) out of the fridge, added a small box of ‘fresh’ cream and grated in 2cm of pealed ginger root. Then thickened with cornflour.

Lunch… Haddock Bisque served with Chablis and croutons.

Not my photo, but it looked like that. You see my digital camera still doesn’t want to be a digital camera, it’s an identity crisis.

You don’t have to think too hard to make a meal with what you have.

Now I am being lazy. This was actually a post on my blog Things that Fizz & Stuff, but as it is also about my daily rut, I thought it appropriate to use as the opening gambit here.

Nothing really exciting to report. I booked my classes Thursday as I usually do, then last night a student rang and told me that work had changed his training schedule, so had to redo the timetable and as a result I have a two-hour gap between the last two classes for which I don’t get paid. Wasted personal time; I hate that.

I have a sore back. Started yesterday, lower right kidney region. It has crossed my mind that it might in fact be a kidney problem. Such are the delights of advancing age. I’ll keep you posted, I am sincerely hoping that I twisted something during my sleep and that it will ‘just go away.’

Sunny day. Started out overcast, but now not a cloud in the sky and quite warm. I am in fact sweating while typing. Makes another glass of Chablis quite on the cards.


Okay, you know where I went, don’t you? Yes, to check the quality of the Chablis in the fridge.

Tomorrow I have been invited to a teacher’s party. Last Saturday was Teacher’s Day here in Brazil and it wasn’t celebrated by us. I got a surprise phone call from a fellow teacheress yesterday saying that there was indeed to be a celebration. It is walking distance from home. About 20 minutes at a fast walkingstick hobble. I am awaiting instructions.

Maybe that will give me something to write about on Monday.

I almost forgot, today is Guy Fawkes Day. Such things slip my mind as I get further away from my childhood.

Maybe I need to check that Chablis again.