Yes, I have some things to write about. Not sure yet what, but maybe I’ll remember as the post goes along.

9th November is the day I celebrate not having a Wedding Anniversary to celebrate. It was 37 years ago yesterday when I took that fatal trip down the aisle.

Australians and New Zealanders have always been at each other. All the Polish jokes that Americans know, all the Portuguese jokes told by Brazilians; New Zealanders tell about the Aussies.

Then I found this this morning, made me spill my coffee.

I have finished my split days, but the time available for blogging doesn’t seem to have followed suit. I just don’t know where the time goes.Today, I can probably blame it on the fact that I stayed up until midnight to watch Vasco vs Universidad del Peru football game, and then fell asleep in the second half so I still don’t know who won. I’ll have to find out before work because my first student is a Vasco fan, it helps relationships in the classroom if you know whether the chide him or celebrate with him. I mentioned yesterday that he always emails me when Flamengo (my team) loses, never when they win…

I added a new page on Nether Region of the Earth III today rather than restart my old blog Things that are NOT Normal. The page Risque is located on the top bar and contains ‘naughty bits.’

Tuesday was my Monday this week. Mondays are my nemesis. The first thing was the bus didn’t stop. The arsehole driver saw me, saw my walkingstick and drove on by; this happens with monotonous regularity in Rio. Company policy, because ‘handicapped’ people travel free, however, I pay in cash. Then on the way home I got the same arsehole driver. Didn’t say a word, but he knew by my attitude that I recognised him. Getting off the bus, the bastard closed the doors on me and trapped me between them. I told him in no uncertain terms in front of a bus load of people to go buy a new attitude! Got a round of applause for that. Then after dinner at a good and not-so-cheap restaurant, the cashier forgot to order the cab I asked for, and it was 45 minutes later that it arrived. Not a good day.

Well, that’s it for now.