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My World is Stabilising

I have freshly made coffee.

Deodoro is remembered on the current 25 centavo coin

Today is a great day for blogging. I’m pretty sure that’s not what Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca had in mind when he declared Brazil to be a republic on this day 122 years ago. But in doing so he created another public holiday for Brazilians and a great day for blogging for ex-pats.

Yesterday I played:

Wot’s in the Fridge?

I had forgotten to go shopping.

This is what I found…

Left over cooked pasta shells, scrag end of bacon, piece of cheese, two eggs, remains of an open packet of mayonnaise and half a jar of homemade pickled beetroot..

This is what I had for lunch/dinner…

Bacon & garlic pasta salad! Served with two boiled eggs and pickled beetroot.

Aren’t leftovers wonderful?

Little Chef

I mentioned in yesterday’s No Post Today that I wasn’t posting because Rattaouille (the film) was on TV and that it was one of my favourite films. It’s not the all time favourite, but it is a great story about cheffery and after all, I am a chef and like Little Chef, we don’t have recipes we cook by instinct.

So there is more than an element of kinship there.

My previous calamity was resolved. The one where two of my six blogs disappeared at the whim of WordPress. After a heartfelt plea as to why, I got a brief apology from them saying the system shouldn’t have done that and the blogs were restored in all their brilliant glory.

Saturday I was due to have lunch with my ex and a friend of hers. It wasn’t my greatest desire, but I ceded and then found her friend didn’t come, but half the family. Emerson, 17 (healthy boy eats like a horse), Ellen Suelen, 12 complete with broken arm which nobody had told me about, and Emmylee, 5, my Xodó (darling). We went and had Churrasco Rodízio (all-you-can-eat BBQ). Even without dessert and the R$76 bottle of wine were offered that came to a whopping R$215 (USD130 approx) that’s expensive for here. But a good time was had by all. It was Emmylee’s first time in a ‘posh’ restaurant, Emerson ate like the aforementioned horse and Ellen was glad she didn’t have to do the dishes.

I read…

What did you say?

chowandchatterRebeccaSubbiah RD great tips for cooking caramel

on Twitter.
whopaysthepiperArgentum Vulgaris
@chowandchatter I just read that as “How to cook a camel…” DoubleTake. I need more #coffee
ChefFelishaFelisha Wild

 LOL RT @whopaysthepiper: @chowandchatter I just read that as “How to cook a camel…” DoubleTake. I need more #coffee


The coffee pot is on.
A real post later.
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