Coffee is essential to blogging, but not conducive to good blogging, or indeed, good coffee.

Blog Fuel

You see while waiting for the liquor to filter through one tends to run off and blog a bit forgetting that the filter needs to be refilled. When one finally remembers and races off to the kitchen at a fast hobble to refill the filter… the process repeats until you have a thermos flask full of cold coffee. Which all makes me wonder why I use a thermos flask at all; life is indeed a labyrinth which needs to be navigated carefully.

After four days of rain, the clouds have begun to lift. We actually had a bout five minutes of genuine sunshine.

I heard the rattle of a ladder earlier. That sent me scurrying (at a faster hobble) to the gate. Sure enough it was Light, the power company, that sent shivers up my spine. You see I am in permanent fear of Light because although my power account is up to date, the account is not registered in my name, and I fear that they will cut off the supply. Now it would be an easy solution to put the account in my name, if I had the appropriate documentation… I don’t. So I live in perpetual fear, the sound of a ladder rattling up the power poles around my house reduces me to a blathering mess.

I hope you liked my story yesterday. My old blog “Life is Just Like that…” had many such tales, unfortunately through the bloody google the lot is gone and lost forever. So I have to set about rewriting much.

Got work later, 2pm, won’t be back until 8pm.  So I’d better get a wriggle on.