Yes, I have been MIA again.

Ignore the title this isn’t going to be one of those meaningful posts about the art of blogging; in fact I just don’t get any ‘art’ anymore. I really have to do something about that… get my artist’s shit together.

I miss being creative. I guess I am creative here in some ways, but a paintbrush & oils, or clay & muddy hands, have that hands-on feeling. And you get to see the results even when there’s a power cut.

Was worried about that this morning 2:30am and Rio decided to have a tropical rain storm, it was a doozy. Lasted about an hour and a bit. I have a thin metal carport roof right outside my window, there was no way I was going to get back to sleep during that noise.

One of my students sent me a video clip this morning.

Luckily the pilot wasn’t seriously  hurt. Apparently installing Christmas lights on the Auckland water front.

My immediate thought was a saying of an airforce buddy, who was both a fixed wing and rotary instructor. “To fly is heavenly; to hover, dive.” Apparently, not always.

Okay, we’ve had a lot of rain. It held off for the weekend, with a sunny Saturday and Sunday, yesterday was stifflingly hot, appearing much hotter than the 33⁰C recorded, with strong gusty winds that brought the weather change late in the afternoon.

Foolishly, I went to work yesterday after only two cups of coffee, by the end of the day, 7:30pm, my tummy was rumbling, so I treated my self to an all-you-can-eat sushi dinner. I waddled home like a pregnant duck. I always do that… Then comes the thirst after the wasabi, its a bit like the dry horrors after a night on the booze; and the need for Alka Seltzer.

On with the blogging.