Dog Tired

I used to have Fridays off and then a nice weekend, but then things changed; and now I feel like this all week (check photo). It’s terrible, and has affected my blogging.

I am a little worried, one of my lower front teeth has been wiggly for a while, I’ve seen the dentist about it, but the cost of implanting it again is prohibitive. The last two weeks it has become more wiggly, I am afraid that it’s done for and I am waiting for the inevitable.

I hope the tooth-fairy makes it worthwhile. I mean six pence 55 years ago, plus accruing interest, then there has to be a pension benefit and moral damages…

Who am I trying to kid, some idiot?

(Ah, that was a rhetorical question, no need to answer)

After the heavy rain early on Tuesday morning, we have been promised rain daily, but last night on the forecast, it’s been delayed until Saturday. I think the weather is a government plot, designed to test our sanity.

Computers and laptops are cheap again. Why do they do this just before pay day? The offers all expire before I have the money. Mind you, this pay day, I wouldn’t have the money to spare anyway. It’s going to be a grim month.

Damned Red Rooster

My neighbour got a chicken about a month back. This chicken decided that my compost heap has heaps of juicy grubs to eat and comes in several times a day to scratch my compost heap all over the yard and savour the morsels. It escapes his place and gets in under my gate. This morning he decided to tell me that he’s discovered that he is a rooster and at 5:30am was cock-a-doodle-fuckin-doodling about it for a bout a half hour.

At about 5:45am I was seriously thinking about grilled chicken.

It’s getting time to go to work…

There goes my day off.