Yes, yesterday there was a lot of banging. Vasco x Flamengo 1 – 1, The Brazilian Cup (Brasileirão) went out of state to Corinthians from São Paulo, but Flamengo remained in the Libertadores Cup. Fireworks and big bangers in the praça. Like I said Brazilians get so carried away with their football (soccer).

Not much else today. It is my monthly trek to Barra, an enjoyable boring two hours by bus, but at the end of the ride is my pot of gold for the month (pay day) and a leisurely sushi lunch before I head home for some therapy (shopping at the supermarket).

Barra da Tijuca stretches all the way to the hills in the background

Over those hills in the background is São Conrado and still 25kms to the city centre (downtown). Barra and the suburb of Recreio stretch for 25kms along the coast. I live in the suburb of Campo Grande which is a further 25kms to the left of the photo. Rio de Janeiro is a big place. There is still another 20kms from Campo Grande to Santa Cruz & Sepetiba which are at the city limits. In other words the city goes on for another 45kms from the left of the photo.

The site for the photo has gone.

Here is a photo taken from the São Conrado end looking toward Grota Funda hills; ie the reverse of the write up above.