Yes, that’s all that’s left of my day.

Thursday Post

I have classes and the chances of settling down to write a long awaited (again) post are remote.

I have been busy. So far I have posted on all my blogs, drunk oodles of coffee (as one as apt to do when blogging) and had a nap. Lunch has gone by the boards, I will starve until I get home this evening. But then that won’t hurt me after the excesses last night. I decided that I deserved a night out, so it was off to a BBQ restaurant, where I indulged in that disgusting but necessary habit of eating, and the equally disgusting habit of consuming beer. The best part of the evening was arriving home and having no dishes to wash.

What has happened since my last post? In a word, nothing. Well, nothing note worthy.

I got my pay as planned on Monday, paid my bills and had my sushi lunch. Then it was off to the supermarket.

My month is going to be a frugal one because some of my students didn’t sign for their lessons, so my pay was less than it should have been. However, they will sign for them on this month’s sheet, but I won’t receive that until Feb. So really it’s a case of Christmas is canceled this year. I have to break the news to the kids yet, they’ll be ticked off. But, can’t be helped.

So that’s it for today. If you want more to read, then check my other blogs for stories about witches and stuff.