Whether I will post or not.

Lunch will look a bit like this

I am waiting now for the water to boil to cook my spaghetti, I have already made the tomatoed mincemeat (ground beef for our American cousins, who insist on naming everything differently), it is flavoured with fresh ginger and garlic.

I made enough for two portions because I had to defrost the fridge and couldn’t refreeze the mince. So by cooking it all, I get to freeze the second portion. It’s not commonly known by housewives that you can’t refreeze anything, prime chance of bacterial contamination, the same reason the second portion is cooling while the last of my kitchen-wide global warming experiment takes place, my mini glaciers melt and the polar bears go back home.

Meanwhile, you have the pleasure (dubious or nay) of my company.

I have become omorose. Everything I read about the world indicates we are headed down the wrong path. To many people, too much growth, diminishing resources, increasing pollution, tyranny beckoning at all points of the compass.

Man has fucked up big time.

There is no hope. The world is about to implode culturally, socially, financially, globally.

I have brought three kids into this world, alongside raising a further eight under my roof (long story, another time) and I can’t help but wonder in dismay at what I raised them for. The end is going to be catestrophic; no, not in the way of natural disasters although, that is another dismal chapter. Man is going to be pitted against man; brother against brother, and I see both brother and man losing. We are set on a course for destruction, the rudder is broken and the oars have gone overboard, nobody wants to mend it nor find them.

The Americans put the final nails in the coffin of humanity last week with the notorious legistlation, National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), and its evil twin sister, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). These two bills signed in, sealed and delivered on a silver platter held by Obama, who promised in his election campaign never to let this happen.

The effect of these bills totally VOID the validity of the American Constitution and guarantee that the world is finished.

I can’t believe that man can be so stupid, so blind, so power hungry, that they are driven on this demoniacally insane course.

Talking is finished, words are useless, words are now the enemy that can be pounced on, there is no freedom of speech anymore. The only way to solve or rescind these bills is civil war, there is no other choice.

This is not a political rant, despite appearances, it is merely to explain why I, a thinking man, am feeling morose.

My spaghetti is cooked, my fridge is once again doing what a fridge is supposed to do, these are the important things for me today.