…and twice I have procrastinated. The day has been interrupted by minor details like work and the more considerably important ‘beer o’clock’. Then there was the news, then reheating yesterday’s left-over ravioli and now I am watching my soap opera.

The Beer o'clock principle

You’re lucky that I am here…

It dawned on me on Monday (told you it was a bad day), that it’s Christmas week; which prompts me to ask, where the f*** has the year gone?

It went, simply went.

The Christmas hype, the TV ads, everybody is anxiously awaiting and animated. Me, it’s just another week. Ho hum. I see everything around me has absolutely no meaning. One of the most disgusting ads on TV promises you ten months of indebtedness so you can buy presents and have them paid of in time for next Christmas, just to repeat the cycle; perpetual debt… Some bloody Christmas present.

I have nothing planned, my pay was cocked up last month so I don’t even have enough to buy presents for the kids.

The most Christmassy that I have become is eating cashew nuts in front of the TV. How’s that for excitement?

The commercialisation of Christmas has left me nauseated, and each year more nauseous. The brainwashing involved and greed generated are part of what’s wrong with this bloody world.

Merry Christmas to all my visitors

While I am not religious, Christmas was one time of the year that we could be family, but that has all gone. Anyway, Jesus was born in September… nothing to do with Christmas.

So, having said all that, and got my annual grump out of the way; I’ll get in early and wish you all what’s left of the best Christmas spirit in the way it was intended.