No, no, not me… the day.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Here in Brazil we get a Christmas Bonus called the 13th salary, it’s supposed to be an average of your monthly salaries over the year. On Wednesday, I got a phone call from work, the 13th salary was ready. Oh goody! Mental calculations meant that I was due about R$1,800, you can imagine the look on my face when I was presented R$380, disappointed doesn’t cover it. I was a tad more that supremely peeved. You see I work on an hourly basis and an open contract, I do not have the Brazilian “carteira assignada” which is proof of my employment, so therefore they reasoned, I am not actually due any of the benefits. This is also known as “ripping off the workers.” I just got masterfully ripped off. Bang goes the chances of a kids Christmas, bang goes my hoped for new laptop. So going to Barra to get my bonus cost me almost a third of my bonus in lost lessons, yes, I lost R$100, adding to my peevedness. So I went to the supermarket for some therapy.

Not a happy camper.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve… “Bah humbug!” In the words of the wise.

My ravioli doesn't look like this yet

Today is hot, already. Noon and we have 34⁰C, which like the rest of the week, makes it stifling. My plans today, do nothing. Which I fully expect to be successful in achieving.

My lunch today is left over leftovers. The ravioli I made the other day, sufficed for Tues & Wed, I hope it’s still okay for today; I haven’t checked yet apart from glancing at it through the plastic tub.

I also have a bottle of peach cooler in the fridge.

There isn’t much more to grumble about at the moment..