This is not the crack of dawn, in fact I doubt it is even Dawn

I was up at the crack of dawn. Well dawn had cracked some hours earlier, therefore 9am suffices, as I cracked later, a little later.

I am writing this from total recollection, which is rather funny as I recollect, uhmmm, not a lot.

All the above is true.

The reason I was to be up at the crack of dawn was to blog. Blog I didn’t. I read the news, felt sleepy and did so.

Knowing full well that there was a BBQ at the botequim around 10 or 11am.

When I awoke like sleeping beauty without the necessary kiss, I leapt into action like Superman without the telephone booth.

I showered and smothered myself in substances that would make me acceptable to the olfactory senses of the world, ran the nugget brush through what’s left of my hair, put on underpants, shorts and t-shirt and slipped on my chinelos (flip-flops). That is ‘neighbourhood-formal’ in these parts and announced my intention of joining the throng in front of the botequim by opening my gate, which makes a rather rauchous sound, heads turned, much as they would to the trumpeted entrance of a prince at the royal ball.

Under the gaze, stares and bemused looks I made my way the whole 11 metres to the botequim. With a large freezer near the entrance, the botequim is sort of self-service, you select your poison, decap it and go to the bar for your camesinha (condom, plastic shell to keep your beer cold)) and chilled glass before selecting your perch for the events.

Sake - A novelty

I perched for the next few hours. Drank beer, chatted, drank more beer, chatted, accepted a whisky, chatted, got a bottle of Sake from home, chatted some more.

As sake was a novelty for most of my neighbours, I shared it around while we munched our way through various BBQ meats.

We partied on through the afternoon, the BBQer went home to attend to family duties and I took over.

Before I knew it the afternoon had worn on and the temperature was dropping. We had been promised a 90% chance of rain to see in the New Year, and after a nap I woke to rain.

Now I have to consider Round 2. Lincoln and Denise my neighbours have invited me over and looking at the clock, it is high time I made an appearance.

There are already a lot of bangs announcing that there will be even more at midnight. I have just seen the news and Copacabana is crowded. Copacabana Beach is the world’s largest New Year celebration. Reports tonight that there are between 2 – 3 million people on the beach and roads along the 6.5kms. There have been years when the estimate of revelers has exceeded 4 million. I haven’t been for years; last time was 2003. I must write about that one day.

In the meantime, I wish you all

A Happy New Year & all the best for 2012

Later, probably next year.