Yup, started yesterday before the New Year and it hasn’t really let up. It has rained more or less all day, sometimes heavily, sometimes like now a heavy drizzle.

I have spent the day indoors, apart from a BBQ lunch at the neighbours, I have browsed the news, none of it good. The Tele Tubby in North Korea has assumed control of the armed forces and expects the people to lay down their lives for him.

The most important news everywhere was the opulence of the displays to welcome in the New Year around the world. Quite frankly a lot of noise about nothing.

So we have an ignominious start to 2012. It’s a year in which I think we are going to see many changes and I have to say that none of them are good. I actually wrote My Predictions… 2012 on my blog Shit Happens and globally they paint a pretty dreadful picture. The world has become that power hungry and corrupt in recent years, that we can only suffer.

Let’s see what the new year brings.


Tomorrow it’s back to work; nothing changed there. I lost another student, he is due to travel to Canada for his training course in the middle of the month.

Felipe insisted on a photo before he went, which I now present to you. Class was over and we were on our way out the door after the last class of last year. One of the rare occasions that I get in front of the camera. Dangerous place.

You can see by the Vasco monogram on his shirt that he is still a boy and hasn’t realised that serious football fans only support Flamengo.

I am about to take a rest from the PC, too much PC is like too much sex… makes your eyes go funny.

I start the year with a defrosted fridge, now there’s a milestone for you. The highlight of my day was defrosting the fridge, does that give you an idea of the exciting life I lead…

Meanwhile, I am going to adopt a leisurely horizontal position on the sofa and watch Fantastico, one of the few programmes worth their salt on Brazilian TV.

All I can say now is, Happy New Beer!