It’s Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas, it’s Hanukkah, it’s New Year’s and then, with no warning, it’s just Tuesday.

That was a tweet this morning from a RT by @AmidPrivilege.

The exhuberance of carnaval

But it makes you wonder what all the fuss is about. Here in Brazil it is a little different, in February we have Carnaval to soften the dreary days between New Year and Easter.

Carnaval certainly breaks the monotony as we head towards winter.

Now that the New Year is ahead full steam, I am back to work today, lesson at 4:30, it was supposed to start yesterday, but the student canceled, he was stuck in traffic on the way back from holiday.

With the week of torrential rain that we had over New Year disrupting traffic all over the country. The highway from Região dos Lagos (very popular getaway from Rio) experiencing 30km traffic jams. Apparently is was worse in both São Paulo and Minas Gerais states.

The price one pays for a weekend of celebration.

Me, being the wise one, I walked no further than the 11 metres to the botequim (neighbourhood bar) the whole weekend, most considered that I was quite correct. New Years Eve was the worst best day, I actually got sunburned when the sun shone for a few hours late in the morning before the rain started again. I am feeling the lethargy today, usually do just before I peel.

New Year is the one time of the year that I allow myself to get a little tiddly. I don’t get drunk, that’s a fools game. One of the valuable things I learned in the air force was that officers don’t get drunk, they merely become socially excited; it has stood me in good stead ever since. It has been many years since I had a hangover, probably more than twenty. The chaps at the botequim were surprised on Saturday and a few commented that theyd never seen me chapado (legless, drunk) ever. While I certainly was far from being chapado, I had a buzz and did trip over the gutter once saying “Whee, that was fun!”

More, or should that be less, carnaval

It is this year that I turn 61, hence I discover that there is life after 60. I must discover where…

There’s another shot of carnaval, just in case you were wondering where to spend February this year.

I should go and shower then apply smelly concoctions and run the nugget brush through what’s left of my hair so that my cadaver is acceptable to the world at large before my lesson. I should also put on my pants. Yes, it is true bloggers blog in their underwear, that is not just a horrid  myth.