Screwdriver - Whoops, wrong image!

Not that kind of wasted, I don’t drink vodka. I can’t understand those who do; nothing but rotten potatoes and no flavour. That’s why they invented the Screwdriver, to give the stuff some flavour. Mind you, that kind (pictured) of screwdriver has more flavour than vodka.

The day was wasted as I predicted yesterday.

Yesterday started off wrong. I was awake during the night and went back to bed, when I woke it was already 10:15. I had planned to leave the house at 10 because of the trip to Barra. I didn’t leave until 12… well, I needed coffee.

New bus against the current road works

The trip was slow because of the major road works for the new BRT from Barra to Santa Cruz, a distance of about 60kms.

The plan is great, but requires two years of disruption to achieve.

The current trip requires a slow grind up Grota Funda, the new route goes through an already completed tunnel under the same hill.

So, on with the story. I got paid, I paid my bills and had my sushi lunch. It was a hot day when I started 34⁰C, by the time I got the bus at 3:15 it was cooling rapidly and started to spit as we climbed Grota Funda, once over the top we reached the storm on the other side, torrential rain, howling wind, thunder and lightning and the temp had dropped to 22⁰C. The bus was packed, everybody raced to close windows and the temperature inside rose becoming unbearable. Because of the road works (also in Recreio before we get to Grota Funda) we were racing along at a crawling speed, or stopped. I arrived home at 6:30pm; more than 3 hours packed like sweaty sardines in the bus. No joke.

My leg was sore, I was tired, I was irritable, so I determined it was beer o’clock.

I saw this on Twitter: “Red Wine May Lower Chances Of Breast Cancer” I thought oh goody and tweeted,  “”Red Wine May Lower Chances Of Breast Cancer” Just checked mine… no cancer – It works” I’m not even sure men get breast cancer… But I couldn’t resist a bit of devilment.

Now, I must away and blog some more…