Ice is bad enough, but water...

I can’t believe that I have, once again, let four days go without a post. Totally irresponsible of me.

Many years ago, when Adam was a cowboy and Moses played full back for the Arabs, I learned an important lesson in life.

The only thing you can add to whisky, is more whisky.

But I must admit that was when I lived in a colder clime; and was taught to me by a Scot.

Now I live in the tropics. Rio de Janeiro and we are in full summer rains here, and I tend to put ice in my whisky for climatic reasons. Charlie would never forgive me. Believe me it is necessary.

I have just watched a football game; Flamengo vs Corinthians – 2-2. Not a great start for the year, but neither is it totally ominous. To celebrate the third anticipated Flamengo goal, which never was, I poured the last of my Christmas whisky. The game finished a draw and the rain started.

I came home in the midst of a torrential downpour. It is still down-pouring, my backyard is already flooded and the accompanying thunder appears closer than ever. It was rushing at a fast hobble from the botequim to my gate that I got water in my whisky. Unforgiveabble.

Now, my lethargy. I have been absent since the 11th. I have been here, I have been blogging. There is no real excuse for not blogging here. It’s just that there hasn’t been a lot to blog about; I know this hasn’t prevented me in the past, but this time it has.

Erick came to stay on Friday, instead of the usual Saturday. So he went home on Saturday leaving me totally perplexed, thinking it was Sunday. Threw my right out of kilter.


There was a clap of thunder over the house, I mean right over the house, it made the tiles rattle.

Sadly, I had written quite a bit more, but on posting the connection was lost, backspace produced a blank screen and I had to reboot, so you get what’s left, because I am not going to try to rewrite what has been lost to the elements.