Monday extended itself to include Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday remains at this time an unknown quantity.

My blogging suffered as a result which is reflected in my empty mailbox.

I just don’t know where the week has gone. I have done basically nothing, there is know rhyme nor reason for it, it just went.

Do you ever have days/weeks like this?

I wonder if it is senility setting in.

On Monday, all went well, until I started an argument with myself after work, to BBQ, or not to BBQ, to BBQ, or not to BBQ… I lost.

I BBQed… it was delicious.

Then I got home and went to undo the top button on my jeans and the damned thing pinged off and ricocheted against the wall. Now, I am not stupid, I realise this is a sign, a very graphic sign that I need to reduce my ample girth. Let’s face it, having your button ping off and hit the wall six feet away is not an everyday occurence, which in turn led me to believe that it is not normal.

Tuesday, my students all wanted to change their hours, so instead of blogging I was juggling students, hours and classrooms. But that wasn’t all, the key to my classroom had gone missing, I had no books. Oh, I knew where the key was (I’m old, not stupid), it was there because someone wasn’t doing their job, and I wasn’t going to hobble on my walking stick all the way to the security at the maingate of the factory in 37 degrees to get it and cover someone’s arse. My dinner at home was a mere shadow of the previous night… 4x sesame seed crackers and 4x whole wheat crackers with cream cheese, no butter; no dessert, no chocolate milkshake.

Wednesday, work as normal. I got the damned key, it was still at the security. But at least my students got real lessons. I had one bottle of beer, instead of my customary two, I had a frugal (half normal portion) chicken stir-fry for dinner, still no dessert and no chocolate milkshake.

It’s now 11:30 Thursday and the day is an open book. So far, I have managed to have three coffees and got my underpants on, so I feel good all under. The temp is already well above 35 degrees and if I don’t go out and water my plants they will shrivel and die, like they almost did on Monday.