Representative photo only

Lixo means rubbish in Portuguese. It also happens to be the name of a kitten that adopted me on Thursday. He was dumped from a sack along with another Siameseish type in the praça on Tuesday night, just like rubbish. Raimundo saw the guy do it. So I named him Lixo.

I saw the kittens on the veranda of the botequim when I left for work Tuesday. Wednesday, I had a play with Lixo in the bar; and when I arrived home from the supermarket Thursday, he followed me in the gate and made himself at home. Luckily, I had bought some mincemeat (ground beef for our American cousins), so he was well fed. He’s about 3 +/- months old, light ginger tabby.

Things he has learned so far:

  • The bed is mine, but I have to share it with my staff at night.
  • Poo outside
  • Don’t jump on the PC Table
  • Don’t stick paw in PC cooler it makes a funny noise and the staff get upset
  • Sit in the middle of the kitchen floor when the staff are cooking
  • Food comes from the kitchen
  • Run to kitchen when the fridge door opens
  • Rub around the staff’s legs when hungry
  • If that doesn’t work, purr loudly
  • Come when the staff call, or he closes the gate and I have to jump the wall
  • Summon staff for night duty by batting on nose with paw

He’s got the principles down okay, so we should get on fine. Photo coming… still got to buy batteries for the camera; the above is representative, Lixo is a little lighter in colour.

So I have been cat-training, which is one reason I didn’t post yesterday. The other is more plausible. You know when you get an idea and nothing happens until fruition. Maybe not, maybe that’s a man thing. Well, I have been thinking of adding a page to my Eco-Crap blog for some time and I have been procrastinating. Well, yesterday I was sent a link that said ‘do it’ so I ‘did it’. Eco-Crap now has an Apothecary Page, if you want to know more, go and check it out. There was a third reason as well, yesterday I wrote about beer handles (half pint ones) compared with the traditional British pint glass, which I consider has all the class of a backyard sump. I wanted an image; more than an hour I searched Google (such is my dedication) in vain. I could not find the image I wanted, closish ones, so I ended up having to use one of those. Frustrating.

Weather. Rain. Lots of it. The change came Thursday after the weather forecast promised for Friday; they never get anything right. Cool temps, 25°C, and wet. This of course has hampered the removal of the debris from the three buildings that collapsed in the city centre on Wednesday night. Toll so far, 16 recovered and 5 still missing.

Civic Theatre in Cinelândia

The three buildings occupied the space behind and to the left of the Teatro Municipal (Civic Theatre). One was 20 storeys high, that was the problem one, as it fell it took two other buildings with it. It appears as though the biggest tenant was doing some renovating and took out a load bearing wall on the 9th floor. Causing a bit of a stink here because there was no engineers report to approve the work, it was being done illegally.

I am working on girth reduction. Slowly. So far no more buttons have been sent flying across the room. They’d better not, I am running out of jeans that fit. I will know on Monday when I get dressed for work whether there is any degree of success.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho about to bite the dust

Flamengo played Real Potosí from Bolivia last Wednesday, lost 2-1. Not a good start to the South American Cup. It was a little unfair because Potosí is 4,100 metres asl (that’s like 12,000ft), and Flamengo only had two hours to acclimatise. Having visited and passed through Potosí many times, I know that two hours doesn’t do it. Real Potosí ran rings around them.

It’s nearly football time which means it’s beer o’clock.