Damn, is this Monday again?

The above is a rhetorical question… I know damned well it’s Monday.

Monday has begun, Monday has screwed up already.

One hour and 17 minutes of bloody headache. Three coffees in succession were required to solve the headache.

It all started when I was replying to two comments left on my Eco-Crap. I did something, I know not what, but ended up in fullscreen mode and not a clue how to get out of it. I have never used fullscreen mode for my browser. So there I was, doomed to be stuck on that one blog forever. I tried esc, nothing, I looked at the keyboard, I cleaned the dust off the keys I never use and eventually gave up.


If all else fails, reboot.

Ah, out of fullscreen mode, but the bottom task bar was frozen. Now I was doomed to be in FireFox forever, but I could use it.

I Googled.

Everybody googles when they’re in a fix. I couldn’t find the answer to my problem, not in forums, nowhere.

Frustration set in.


Rushed off to the kitchen for third coffee, out of coffee have to make more.

This time the reboot fixed everything… ah, not quite. I had to open a new browser setting not wanting the old problem to resurface, I didn’t restore. FaceBook wanted me to login in… couldn’t remember password.

Frustration deepened.

Yes, I know it’s Monday alright and now my coffee is cold.

It was NOT destined to be an iced coffee.

Something happened yesterday that I thought blogworthy, but because I have made Sunday a day for a travel post, I didn’t. Now I have forgotten what is was.

See, despite my advancing age my mind is like lightning…

One flash and it is gone!

I have to defrost the fridge again. I only did it last week, but if the cat wants mincemeat to day, I have to defrost again because the bloody pack has stuck to the freezer. Aaarrrrgggghhhh!

Lixo is happy, sleeping on my our his bed. He’s been out and had a romp in the park and came home for breakfast like a good kitteh. He got the snots with me at 6am when he overturned the box with all my CDs and I growled, now I have the additional task of sorting them out again.

Belgian Beer

Last week I saw an exotic beer at the supermarket.

From Belgium, Stella Artois.

I put the bottle in the freezer yesterday for a quick fix after lunch.

Opinion: Not impressed!

Tasteful, but watery.

Wouldn’t buy it again.

Still, you don’t know, if you don’t try.

btw, that was what I thought blogworthy yesterday. Short term memory loss.

These things always come back to haunt me, usually after I have hit the ‘publish’ key. You were lucky people today.

One lesson today at 5:30pm, so I will spend the rest of the day cruising (I don’t surf, much too undignified) through the blogosphere.