Nothing to do with the post, I just thought it was funny

Yesterday, I was for all intents and purposes bloggerless. I did get a couple of posts done, but that was because I had prewritten drafts.

Yesterday was that day when I got the bus and went to neverland for my pay and sushi.

I was lucky yesterday, which is surprising for a Monday, the next bus was air-conditioned, twice the price at R$5.40, but worth it, because the temperature at 11am was already 37°C and climbing. We have had seven days of 37°C as a minimum, hasn’t broached 40 yet, but that’s only a matter of time. So the trip to Barra da Tijuca was pleasant instead of being a hot sweaty exercise.

Lunch was a leisurely sushi & beer affair. I paid my bills, bought Enos and a new belt. I had to get a longer one, the other had literally reached the end of its tether, which along with popping buttons reinforced the need to reduce my girth.

I play a game when I come home. If I get a ‘Margarça’ van, I go and pay my rent, if I get a ‘Cachamorra’ van, I go to the supermarket. I paid my rent yesterday. It’s really a matter of getting the first van that passes, the rest is a matter of luck.

I finally managed to get Lixo some kitteh food. He didn’t learn to bark eating the puppy food, a bit disappointing really, would have been a novelty.I BBQed some chicken wings on the weekend. I gave one to Lixo this morning, not a success, appears he doesn’t have a gourmet palate for garlic and soya marinated chicken wings.

Today is work. Curse of the drinking class. But at least I am moved back to my old classroom away from the hoi polloi at the Training Centre, away from the gossip, away from the boss… LOL. Much nicer teaching environment.

So as you can see, if you made it this far, there’s nothing really worth writing about. But, I felt behooved to post seeing as how yesterday wasn’t.