Not Lixo - representative orange tabby

They are, some things are very difficult. Like having a small orange tabby kitten gnawing on your big toe while you are trying to escape the heat of the day by having a nap. Gnawing big toes and napping are not conducive.

Yes, the temperature today is easily 39ºC (about 101ºF). The humidity is also very low and there is not a breath of wind, not even the merest zephyr.

It’s close to beer o’clock, so I won’t be dallying here too long.

This morning I was out and about early; well, early for me. I went for some therapy; yes, you guessed it, I went shopping. Window shopping mostly, but I did make some purchases. My biggest triumph was a new fan. One of those free standing thingies. I saw it in a stall in the bus station, R$120; too expensive, I told the kid minding the stand. He explained he could arrange a discount, now that would have amounted to R$10 off the price. I pulled a R$100 note from my back pocket, “A hundred and I take it now,” he thought for a minute and after demanding to see that it worked, which it did. I walked off with my prize and got a taxi home.

I also bought a battery charger, let’s see if this one works; then I’ll be able to take some photos of said orange tabby. Got some new headphones and a pendrive.

Can you believe it, I couldn’t find any shoe laces. None of the shoe shops I visited sold shoe laces. No, you have to buy new shoes. Bugger that! I bought a ball of thick string that’ll make 50 shoes laces for what I would have expected to pay for a pair of shoe laces. Call me a scrooge, I don’t care.

Not the real me

Oh yes, I had my hair and beard cut. No. 1 all over. Now I’m right for the next four months. I had a lovely game with a young girl in the supermarket the other night. She was about four and ecstatic that she should have found Papai Noel (Father Christmas) doing his shopping. I explained to her that I wasn’t Papai Noel, just his older brother, but that didn’t matter. She was over the moon and full of questions, like why was I in the supermarket, can I speak Portuguese, was I on holiday from the North Pole, where were my reindeer, why wasn’t I wearing my red pyjamas…

After two months growth, I get a lot of that.

I got home okay after my shopping expedition, dumped everything in the living room and off to the botequim for a beer; and as soon as I finish this post, I will be repeating that part of the day. Ice cold Bohemia beer.

With that though in mind…