Bagunça = mess

That’s it, a mess, bagunça.

TGIF, I have a lesson, I don’t have a lesson.

It’s almost like a Monday in reverse. If you didn’t know Mondays had a reverse gear, they do, it’s called Friday.

I feel like the Foul Bachelor Frog. I showered, got desmellified and dressed for nothing.

From today Brazil is shut. Nothing of any consequence happens unless it is related to carnaval. I don’t have any lessons until next Thursday.

Sambódromo, Rio de Janeiro, remodelled to hold another 12,000 people opened officially last night.

Today, carnaval starts in São Paulo, in Rio de Janeiro there is the traditional Escolas mirins (beginners, kids samba schools) parade at the Sambódromo, Recife and Salvador also begin their carnaval parades. So for the next week carnaval is full on.

The Escolas mirins are just as serious as their big sisters.