Today is Saturday, don’t try and convince me otherwise, don’t even suggest that it is Sunday, I just don’t want to know.

I vowed I would post on Saturday and that is what I am doing.

The title refers to my ample girth, I have been looking after it. I had a BBQ lunch, some beer (how much is none of your business) and an argument over the price of a caipirinha.

Sir Harry (r) Peter Sellars (m) & Spike Milligan

The title also refers to Harry Seacombe, also of an ample girth, much more ampler than mine. Harry, on being knighted in 1981, CBE, refered to himself as Sir Cumference.

He was a Lance bombadier (Lance corporal to anyone outside the artillery) and it was as such that me met Spike Milligan. Myth or fact… Milligan’s gun had some loose from it’s placement and was rolling down the hill past Secombe’s gun (cannon) emplacement being chased by Milligan; the conversation went like this “Have you see a gun?” Secombe’s replay was, “What colour?” This style of humour was to become a trade mark in Goon Show humour, 1951 – 1960. The Goon Show to me is the epitome of humour, Americans don’t find it at all funny.

Harry Secombe was also a member of the famed Three Tenors.


I am drinking mate, mate is a bit like strong chilled tea. No it is not mate, it’s pronounced ‘martay’!

Yesterday, I defrosted the fridge, the polar bears were making a nuisance of themselves again. In doing so I thawed two wonderful merluz fillets (Hake). What to do, what to do? There was only one answer… cook the bastards!

So, I yanked a root of ginger from the garden (yes,  that’s about as fresh as you can get fresh ginger) scrubbed it and grated it into the flour before I floured the fillets. Into a pan of sizzling butter. The aroma of ginger wafted through the house. I opened a bottle of Gatao vinho verde. I was surprised that the wine had an unexpected sparkle;nice, I’ll be buying more.

Having tasted the wine to verify its compatibility, and reconfirmed the same with a second glass, the fish was cooked and removed to a plate. Lightning action followed, splashed half a glass of white wine into remnants in pan, squeezed half a box of ‘fresh’ cream in and stirred with a splash of soya sauce. Hey presto, rich ginger sauce ready to be ladled over fish.

Not wanting to waste the remaining wine, it accompanied the meal.

Now today is Sunday.

With any luck, I’ll get a Sunday Travel Tales post done as well.