I have already posted today because I didn’t get round to posting my Sunday Travel Tales yesterday. I have been busy today, but it seems like I haven’t done much.

It’s Monday, but its not an OMG It’s Monday type of Monday; it’s more of a dead Monday. This morning when I roused myself at 8am the world was like a morgue, no cars, no people, no noise. There was just this deathly quiet. You see Yesterday was the first of the 12 Special Group parades at the Sambódromo and there will be more tonight.

There are also local festivities like the Geriatria Bloco which is only a 20 minute walk from home. Lots of people having lots of fun until the wee hours.

Bloco da Geriatria, Campo Grande

I suspect there are many nursing sore heads, so I will type quietly.

I went once two years ago, but that was enough, now I watch carnaval from the comfort of my sofa.

Business-wise, Brazil is still closed. Nothing moves until Wednesday, and then it’s only a half day because it’s Ash Wednesday. Nothing really happens until Thursday, that’s when I start lessons again.

Av Rio Branco, the main business district downtown

Cordão da Bola Preta had a record turn out this year. Bola Preta is the traditional street party starting in Cinelândia, downtown Rio. I went a couple of times in my early years in Brazil, but since have moved further out of reach. This year there were a record 2.2million participants, that’s one hell of a party.

Literally, a sea of people in the main street, people as far as the eye can see.

My plans today, not much. I have had my customary nap, Lixo is still having his half hidden under my chair. I am debating the subject of lunch. Yesterday I didn’t debate. I literally put on my pants and went, but I can’t spend that sort of money everyday, as much as i would like to. But lunch should definitely involve food, which is something that my fridge is devoid of at the moment; not quite but the three salsichas (sausages) don’t appeal at the moment.  So a trip to the supermarket is on the cards, although there is an element of lethargy involved.

I should move…