They should look like this, but they don't... yet

What I mean is my onions should be pickling. I bought them more than a week ago, and I haven’t got around to pickling them yet; a case of procrastinonion…

I went to work today, gave one lesson and started on the second when a nauseous smell invaded the room. They were spraying some shit for insect control. They may well have exterminated the cockroaches, but they nearly exterminated the teacher too.

I gave up with a headache and nausea and my student drove me home. That was just after 10am this morning, now it’s 5:30pm and my head is still not right.

Had a snack. Head still woozy.

Lixo is outside studying helminthology. 101, what is it?

I have posted today, Tomus Arcanum has a post about aircraft. Eco-Crap, I learned something today; and, it’s not about cockroach eradication methods.

No beer o’clock today.

Carnaval is over nothing now until Easter.

I still haven’t pickled my onions.