Breakfast wine

Breakfast is normally on the hour of waking. It becomes brunch if the hour is more towards the hour of lunch. But what do you call it if your breakfast is after lunch? my breakfast has been delayed not because of a sleep in, or lethargy, as I have been at the keyboard since 7am and I am fast approaching the hour when one considers lunch finished… 2pm.

My planned menu:

Bacon & eggs with stewed tomatoes on toast. It will be accompanied by a bottle of Chilean Cocha y Toro Merlot Reserve.

Now that is a breakfast for Saturdays.

Plans for today:

#1. Do nothing

I fully expect to be successful.

Today is the first day that I have felt 100% since the attempt to eradicate teachers at work.

The sun is shining and if I don’t get outside soon and water my plants, they will wither and die. There goes my attempts to offset my carbon foot.

Later, maybe.