Last weekend was a rough one for me, I got tied up with a job and didn’t get to posting Travel Tales.

Cañon del Colca

You can find Cabanaconde and Chivay here, and the points in between that we visit in today's story, Map courtesy of Rumillaqta Hotel, Chivay

Returning the next morning from Cabanaconde our first stop in the canyon was Cruz del Condor. Here is the deepest part of the canyon, 1.2 kms (3,900ft+/-) deep. Colca is considered the deepest canyon in the world.

By arriving from Cabanaconde our tours were among the first to arrive before the main influx of tourists that stayed overnight in Chivay.

Cruz del Condor

An adult juvenile condor cruising above the canyon. I don't know who to credit for this magnificent photo, if it's yours, please advise

All my photos of the condors have gone or been destroyed, this is the only one here that is not mine.

You can see the sheer majesty of these big birds. They are the heaviest flying bird in he world and have a wingspan approaching four metres (12ft+/-).

They nest in the walls of the canyon, and around 9am – 10am they begin their daily ritual of soaring gracefully out of the canyon on the thermals.

Women from the area sell 'tuna' (prickly pear fruit) and tamales to the tourists

Yes, where there are tourists there are Peruvians making a living. For many it is the first chance they get to try the tuna or fruit of the prickly pear cactus.


The church in the village of Pinchollo

Pinchollo is the poorest village in the canyon due to its agricultural terraces being the narrowest on the steep canyon sides.

Hanging Tombs

Mirador de Choquetico and the Hanging Tombs


The church at Achoma

Achoma was our last port of call before returning to Chivay.

Local cheese

It was near here that we stopped at a small queseria and tasted some of the locally made yoghurt and cheese. You have never tasted anything so delicious, so totally unlike any western supermarket product.

Well, that’s our tale for this week.

NB: Once again, you can see how the ravages of time have taken their toll on my old negatives;